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12 January 2023

Introducing the STACKED Chest Agreement

We are pleased to launch the STACKED Chest Agreement for Higher and Further Education which offers an annual site licence for a wholly hosted STACK installation, giving all the benefits of STACK without the administrative burden of managing a STACK/Moodle instance.

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15 December 2022

Site Licence Option Added to Noteable Chest Agreement

We are pleased to announce that 1 and 3-year site licence options have now been added to the Noteable Chest Agreement.

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10 May 2022

Verbit Chest Agreement

Great news!  The Verbit Chest Agreement is now live, offering discounted pricing and preferential conditions for this market-leading transcription and captioning tool.

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03 November 2021

New OxMetrics Chest Agreement

We’re delighted to announce that the new OxMetrics Chest Agreement is now live.

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03 November 2021

MindGenius: Pricing for Secondary Schools

MindGenius have now added pricing for Secondary Schools into their licence agreement - this gives a 50% discount on their standard educational pricing.

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02 November 2021

Practice Labs: One Year Licence Now Available

A new one year licence option has recently been introduced into the Practice Labs Chest Agreement, giving more flexibility to those wishing to explore Practice Labs further.

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