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Catch up with the latest news; agreements, renewals, updates from Chest suppliers. Read the most recent eNewsletters.

APA logo
25 July 2019

New fields and search features added to PsycTESTS®

We’re excited to announce a major update to PsycTESTS. These improvements enhance users’ search experience, enabling discovery of the appropriate assessment tool to conduct qualitative and quantitative research.

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MarketLine logo
10 June 2019

Renewed MarketLine and New MarketLine Chartbooks Chest Agreements

We're delighted to say the new MarketLine Chest Agreement for the period 2019 - 2022 is now live and available to order.  And it has been joined by an FE-specific offering, MarketLine Chartbooks.  Check out both Agreements to see what they can bring to your institution.

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MIndGenius 2019 Out Now logo
16 May 2019

MindGenius 2019 Chest Agreement now available

We are delighted to announce that MindGenius 2019 is now available through the MindGenius Chest Agreement.  This is quite possibly the biggest ever shake-up of the product, adding many exciting new features.  Click 'Find out More' to learn about some of these features, and to access various short videos telling you more.

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Routledge Taylor and Francis logo
07 May 2019

Sustainable Organisation Library (SOL) Chest Agreement renewed until December 2021

Great news – the Sustainable Organisation Library Chest Agreement is now live and available to order, offering a range of perpetual licences.  The Agreement runs until 31 December 2021.  Greenleaf Publishing and GSE Research are now part of Taylor & Francis.

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Compendex logo
02 May 2019

Compendex - better ways to search and save time

Engineering Village contains a wealth of engineering literature content along with the research and analytic tools to enable engineers to solve the world’s engineering challenges. Here are a few recent enhancements to the Engineering Village platform which is home to the Compendex database.

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Emerald Publishing logo
25 April 2019

Learning resource designed for your Alumni

The Emerald Alumni Toolkit performance support tool is available by subscription through a Chest Agreement.

It has been created for Alumni so they can gain access to on-demand content to help them get their job done effectively.

It gives users access to up-to-date, accurate and interactive content to support the challenges that Managers and Senior Managers commonly face.

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