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Choosing products for new Chest Agreements

The following resources are being considered for new Chest Agreements.

With the support of our customers Chest considers lots of opportunities to add new resources to the Chest Agreement portfolio. These resources are suggested by a member of the academic community, identified by Chest, or are from ad hoc approaches from suppliers.

If there is enough backing from the community then Chest will start negotiations - there is strength in numbers!

Our selection process is simple. It is driven by demand and the need to provide better value for money and licence terms than can be obtained elsewhere.

The resources, both Software and Online Resources*, are presented with most recently added first.

To express your interest in any of these resources login to the Suggestions page and click the appropriate vote button or email Chest Help.



Domo logo

Domo - cloud-based data intelligence tools

Chest is in conversation about a potential new Agreement with Domo, a provider of industry standard cloud-based data intelligence tools that let organisations get better insight to all their data.  If such an Agreement could be of interest to your institution, please let us know; please also feel free to share this email with any colleagues you feel may be interested.

Domo aim to allow institutions to:

  • Go Fast – help get value from data in record time.
  • Go Big – get multiple users and multiple data sources all working together.
  • Go Bold – all your data in one place with the power to act, learn and change.

Domo has a primary goal of making data analysis easier for everyone. Throughout the connection, preparation, and analysis, it will allow education faculty and students of all technical backgrounds to leverage data more effectively. With more robust tools available for technical users, it allows users to develop core BI skills as the platform adoption grows.

Domo offers the only scalable cloud data platform, combining:

  • over 900 data connectors
  • write-back capabilities
  • real-time reporting
  • alerting
  • AI-driven predictive insights
  • mobile app support
  • an app development framework

The benefit of Domo’s cloud scale is that users don’t have to worry about speed and performance. In a typical 7-day period, Domo:

  • Stores and accesses 36 trillion rows of data
  • Updates that data 124 million times
  • Queries that data 199 million times
  • And answers those queries on average in 0.99 seconds

Product Overview: https://www.domo.com/product

Product tour video: https://www.domo.com/product/tour

What the Service Provides

Higher and Further Education teams will be able to buy the Domo service to fit their primary use case, with pricing to reflect what scale means in their circumstances. The services are functionally equivalent, so there is no trade off on capability, just simple pricing to offer best value for their needs whether that is large user base, or large data volumes.

Any and all feedback will be most welcome; we will not put an Agreement in place unless we know it’s something that’s of interest to the community, so please don’t be shy…

Added November 2022


AppyFair - virtual open day events for Universities and Colleges 

Chest have been talking to AppyFair about a potential Chest Agreement for their virtual events software.  Read on to find out more:

First impressions matter, AppyFair is here to help you make it a good one.  AppyFair is a virtual event platform that allows you to run immersive presentations, capturing the experience of in-person talks with the convenience of remote attendance. The software is used to create virtual events such as open days, completely tailored to your specifications.

  • Events are accessible. AppyFair is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Android and can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile phone. There are also integrated features such as multilingual translation. As a result presentations can be attended worldwide while keeping costs and environmental impact low.
  • The virtual events include live statistics allowing exhibitors to consult real-time detailed performance statistics on the session they are running.
  • Using AppyFair’s exclusive online editing tool, you can tailor the appearance of your virtual event environment. Choose a stage setting from a large selection and personalise with your institution's own branding.
  • AppyFair also offer the possibility to create high-spec 3D virtual tours of campus buildings. Bring your educational premises to life and promote your university to your future students.
  • UK GDPR compliant.
  • AppyFair has 10 years’ experience working with international organisations, including UK universities. In 2020, when in-person events ground to a halt, AppyFair created over 300 virtual events in 11 countries around the world, many of which were attended by UK universities.

Click on the below image to see more about what AppyFair's can offer UK universities and colleges 

Appyfair pres

Visit AppyFair's website here.  Click here for a video walkthrough of setting up a virtual presentation stand.

The proposed Agreement would offer sites the chance to purchase annual licences based on numbers of anticipated attendees and number of anticipated stalls, with unlimited actual events full technical support.

If you’d be interested to see AppyFair made available through a Chest Agreement or have any questions, please let us know.

Added May 2022



ReaQta EDR/XDR and AV Modular Add-on Products

Chest have been talking to ReaQta about a potential ReaQta Chest Agreement, making their EDR/XDR and AV modular add-on products available with the usual Chest benefits.

As part of that process, we’d love some feedback from the community on whether this would be of interest.

Below is a list of the product bundles being discussed – if you are interested in finding out more about ReaQta, please sign up for the 1-hour introductory webinar on Thursday 7th April. You can also find a copy of their MITRE Report here.

  • ReaQta-HIVE EDR/XDR (Endpoint Detection & Response/Extended Detection & Response)

Detect and respond to threats autonomously, gain complete visibility over your endpoints, including workstations, laptops and servers. Detect threats in seconds and remediate malware with one click. Secure business continuity and prevent Ransomware attacks with ReaQta-HIVE.

The EDR solution allows for real-time queries to the endpoints, extended searches for both Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and behavioural indications, together with advanced data-mining for discovery of dormant threats. A unique NanoOS offers an unprecedented level of detail to the analysts. Two different sets of engines apply state-of-the-art machine learning to applications behaviours, automatically alerting about active or emerging threats without need for prior knowledge of the attacks. This signature-less approach combined with an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) driven behavioural analysis ensures that threats are detected independently of their delivery techniques and payload types.

Deployed in a combination of On Premise, SAAS Cloud and Air Gap environments the EDR /XDR solution will complement any existing Anti Virus solution protecting your environment. ReaQta's EDR will enhance network security levels and ensure unknown Ransomware Malware attacks are unable to execute and cause endless disruption and large costs.

For more information, please see https://reaqta.com/hive

  • ReaQta-HIVE EDR/XDR with HIVE Guard

A combination of the ReaQta-HIVE (EDR/XDR) and the addition of the ReaQta-HIVE Guard NGAV Anti Virus & Anti Malware Module. ReaQta’s AV solution is a module of the EDR agent, this allows you to have the Hive-agent with the possibility to enable the AV module at the group level using the same Dashboard. Also, the AV alerts and events will be available on the same dashboard as the EDR data.

For more information, please see https://reaqta.com/hive

Pricing options would be for a 1- or 3-year subscription, with banded unit pricing based on the number of end points licensed. An endpoint is described as a laptop, workstation or server (either physically located on premise or virtual). Institutions would be able to choose the exact number of end points which they require licences for. There would also be an optional installation package available, as well as professional services and training.

Should an institution require a fully managed service, ReaQta could also supply this across the entire estate (Air Gapped devices excluded). Pricing for this would be quoted for outside of the Chest Agreement.

If you’d be interested to see ReaQta products made available through a Chest Agreement or have any questions, please let us know.

Added: March 2022


eXate logo


eXate Data Privacy Platform:  Data Privacy is hard - eXate makes it easy.

Implementing Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

The eXate Platform simplifies the way organisations access and share data. Automating the enforcement of data privacy policies, eXate helps solve the challenges created by complex data privacy regulations and requirements.

The eXate Platform enables institutions to protect who can access data. Applying the principle of least privilege, safe access to 3rd Party data, protection of data flowing through API’s. Users only have access for the right reasons and their needs to the correct data.

  • Cloud hosted, easily deployed software platform.
  • Multiple privacy enhancing techniques to select; anonymisation, masking, pseudonymisation, federated learning, restrict on demand, sub setting.

To find out more you can:

If you’d be interested to see eXate data privacy software made available through a Chest Agreement, please let us know.

Added: September 2021

Earth Blox

Earth Blox: Broadening Access to Earth Observation

Chest have been talking to Earth Blox about a potential Chest Agreement for their cloud-based educational version of Earth Blox which:

  • Offers code-free, accessible and immediate access to Terabytes of global data via Google’s Earth Engine
  • Operates through a visual programming environment that allows students and researchers to assemble workflows by dragging and dropping “blocks” of analysis instructions to create complex map layers and quantitative outputs
  • Has been developed in collaboration with educators for education; led by the University of Edinburgh, other educational partners include the University of Glasgow, the University of Leeds, The Open University and STEM Learning
  • Can be integrated with LTI/VLE authentication
  • Can be used for assessment, with automatic assessment being looked at as part of the development roadmap

We would love some feedback from the education community on whether this would be of interest, particularly in the fields of Earth Sciences, Geography and Biological Sciences. As the product is cloud-based it also has a relatively small local IT footprint.

Please click here for a full description of the product and an expansion of the benefits to researchers, students and institutions. Please also click on the following links for:

Whilst we would seek to make Earth Blox available with the usual Chest benefits it is likely that, due to the product being powered by Google Earth Engine, there will be some additional end user terms and conditions, a fair cloud usage policy, and an opt out clause for sites if the pricing increases due to Google increasing their platform pricing.

If you’d be interested to see Earth Blox made available through a Chest Agreement or have any questions, please let us know.

Added: July 2021

Software for all

ProWritingAid logo

ProWritingAid: Putting Great Writing Within Reach

Writing is hard. And no one knows that better than students and university staff. 

ProWritingAid takes the stress out of good writing. Combining real-time text checking with in-depth reports, it helps students and academics strengthen their writing.

But it's the only grammar and style checking platform that prioritises data security and privacy. ProWritingAid won't store or use your data (and even offers on-premise solutions), which is why it's the preferred choice of many cyber security teams.

ProWritingAid makes great writing a science using data compiled from real editors, not privacy-violating algorithms. Which means anyone, regardless of skill level, can write with confidence. Take a look:

  • Write better, even in a rush: Real-time grammar, spelling, and style checks put great writing just a few clicks away.
  • Transform everything you write into an easy read: Readability reports and clarity suggestions ensure you make the point clearly every time.
  • Know exactly where to edit: Detailed metrics show you exactly where a draft needs work and track your writing improvements.

ProWritingAid's unique combination of suggestions, articles, videos, and quizzes makes writing fun and interactive. Want to learn more? View a 1 minute video explaineracademic writing resources, and a case study about our work with APA

Added: July 2021


codemantra logo

In September 2020 the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations (PSBAR) came into force requiring all public organisations to make their content accessible*.   It’s therefore no surprise that right now in the Higher and Further Education sector accessibility compliance is a major challenge.

But there is a solution. codemantra’s accessibilityInsight platform and services have already been used by the University of Westminster and Birkbeck College. codemantra are working with the University of Kent to create accessible OA journals content and accessibiltyInsight has already been licensed to the University of Illinois.

When an institution licenses the accessibilityInsight platform they can use it to:

  • Make documents accessible to WCAG and PDF/UA standards and meet the standards required by PSBAR, or the European Disability Act or Section 508 Compliance for the United States
  • Assess their documents (PDFs, Word, Excel and PowerPoint) for accessibility compliance
  • Create audit reports to help them plan their accessibility projects
  • Write alt text straight into a document to make it truly accessible – essential for educational content
  • Take advantage of codemantra’s support team and accessibility services – including the production of accessible closed captions to meet Jisc guidelines

The platform saves users time by automating up to 80% of the document remediation, and money by ensuring there is no need to employ outside services to make documents accessible. 

Webinar / Further Information

If you would be interested in knowing more about the accessibilityInsight platform and codemantra’s accessibility services, including accessible closed captions, then please join a 30 minute webinar on June 23rd, at 3pm BST where codemantra will demonstrate the functionality, showcase their services and explain the pricing.  Alternatively, visit their webpages, where you will also find several videos offering advice on making PDFs accessible and creating accessible documents from scratch.

*Under the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations (PSBAR) universities and colleges not only have to make their administrative documents (for example, prospectuses or regulations) accessible, they also have to address the increasing amount of digital teaching content they have been providing since the onset of COVID. Website accessibility is easily achieved. However, ensuring PDFs, Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents are compliant is far more complex, and demanding of staff time and resources few institutions can afford.

Added: June 2021



Proctorio logo

Secure the complete academic integrity of online assessments, every time, with automated online invigilation.

With Proctorio, universities and colleges can easily conduct secure in-house online exams, without having to rely on live invigilators.

Proctorio’s scalable invigilation platform integrates directly with your institution’s LMS and preserves the academic integrity of online tests.

The Proctorio proctoring platform includes:

  • automated exam invigilation with customisable settings
  • identity verification
  • content protection
  • secure browser settings
  • plagiarism detection
  • extensive, instant reports for immediate evaluation

You can control the testing scenario for each exam individually, using Proctorio’s adjustable settings to create a test environment specific to your individual assessment needs.

The Proctorio platform is flexible, scalable and secure. It fulfills all data protection requirements for privacy protection in accordance with the current GDPR guidelines and does not collect personally identifiable information (PII).

Interested in learning more about Proctorio? View a flyer here or visit the Proctorio website.

Added: May 2021


Xensam logo

Some of you may recall in 2019 we ran a Call for Interest for Xensam.  A number of institutions expressed an interest in putting in place a Chest Agreement, but unfortunately changes within Xensam meant we were unable to proceed at that time.

Fast forward to 2021 and Xensam are back, with an offer for academia that they believe to be even stronger than before.  The below image summarises what Xensam bring to the table, click on the image for further information.  Any Chest Agreement that was established would conform to the usual Chest conditions: preferential pricing and standardised terms and conditions.

Xensam image with text

Click on the above image for more information.

Xensam are going to run an Introductory demo webinar and take questions on the 23 February.  Sign up here. 

At present, this is just a Call for Interest, if you would be keen to see a Chest Agreement for Xensam please let us know by sending an email to ben.offiler@chest.ac.uk.  If there is sufficient interest, we can move this very quickly to an Agreement.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Added: January 2021

Assista AcademICS

 Assista logo

One for your Finance colleagues - please share

Assista AcademICS Financial Solutions:  Student Level Costing

Need a student-level costing system that has been designed specifically to meet the needs of TRAC reporting?  Assista AcademICS Financial Solutions provides a new generation web-based Student Level Costing solution designed by experienced costing practitioners and powered by the Qlik Analytics Platform.

AssistaAcademiCS (Information & Costing System) has been developed to help university and college finance teams calculate the cost of their courses, research and even individual student bills in granular detail.

Using the same costing engine as Assista Monitor, the leading NHS costing tool, Assista AcademiCS, has been specifically designed to produce the TRAC and TRAC (T) returns.

More than just a regulatory tool, Assista AcademICS also enables first class financial decision-making by bringing together your financial and activity data all in one place.  Directors of Finance can quickly see where they are making or losing money.

The software is fully transparent, and users can track output costs all the way back to trial balance entries.

Since 2004 Assista’s approach has been to develop relationships with clients first before conducting any business in order that they can properly understand their individual requirements.

Click here to find out more in their brochure.

Added: October 2020


 Ocrato logo

Ocrato - convert scanned documents and images into searchable PDFs, saving time and money

A UK company called Ocrato have developed a tool that helps reduce document storage costs, increase remote productivity and ensure all documents are easy to find and faster to download.

Ocrato is a powerful optical character recognition (OCR) solution that allows you to:

  • Create searchable PDF files from scanned documents, images, or existing PDF documents;
  • Compress and optimize your files during conversion;
  • Make your documents searchable and compatible for long term archiving;
  • Ensure the highest quality and smallest file size for storing and downloading;
  • Identify documents that are redundant, outdated and trivial. It is estimated that as much as 33 percent of the data stored by organisations is redundant, obsolete, or trivial.

According to research 33% of documents stored are duplicates or no longer needed.  Ocrato dramatically reduces file sizes by hyper-compressing documents and removing duplicates and obsolete documents, so given the average cost to store 1TB of data per year is £3,241, the predicted savings for an average sized university are around £64k per year; a large institution could double this.

Ocrato also offers a free no obligation health check to help you identify the potential data storage cost savings.

Find out more with these two datasheets (Product Information and Cost Saving), or watch a 1 minute overview video

If Ocrato sounds like a product that could be of interest to your institution, please do let us know, by emailing us at help@chest.ac.uk.  Chest’s objective is to help universities and colleges save money, and we will not put Agreements in place that aren’t of interest, but we do need your feedback either way to help us decide what is wanted.

Added: October 2020



Picterra – an online geospatial GIS object detector authoring platform that saves institutions time and money

Picterra is a cloud-based geospatial remote sensing object detector authoring platform; unlike many other similar products it requires no coding skills or local processing resource. It is designed to help students and researchers find, count and analyse objects and patterns on the surface of the earth, using satellite, aerial or drone image sources.

Picterra allows what previously needed months of time to complete to be done in minutes, so much more can be achieved within existing research budgets. The cost of geospatial analytics becomes radically lower, and practitioners can to focus on the insights rather than the technology behind it.

Offering real usability for students studying Geography, Archaeology, Urban Planning and Agriscience, environmental studies much more besides, Picterra works hand in hand with existing technologies such as ArcGIS, and is already in use by many major UK organisations.

The entire workflow can now be deployed off campus, so undergraduate courses in remote sensing and analysis can be managed by course leaders as a complete distancing learning module.

Chest and Picterra are looking at site licences for institutions (with multiple administration accounts possible for different departments), so no limit on number of seats (students) under each faculty and no limit on number of detectors created.

Cost will be based on volume of megapixel processing bought used, with institutions able to pre-purchase processing as required.

On the Chest website you can find links to a number of webinars and case studies involving Picterra.  Alternatively, Picterra’s own website offers a wealth of further information.

Added: October 2020


Ayoa - Mind Mapping and Task Management - Call for Interest

Chest are talking to Ayoa about a potential new Agreement for their unique Mind Mapping and Task Management software.   We’d be really grateful if you could let us know whether your institution could be interested in this Agreement.

As we enter an age of digital transformation, the Education sector is evolving like never before - and new technology must facilitate innovative pedagogical methods and creative learning techniques.  Proven to boost productivity by 46%, Ayoa is perfect for helping students, educators and administrators with essay writing, course and project planning, delivering content and managing daily tasks. Its visual interface is designed to inspire creativity, increase engagement and ultimately generate outstanding results.

Ayoa is DSA-approved, making it suitable for neuro-diverse students, specifically those with dyslexia, allowing educational institutions to maintain an inclusive workspace for all students. Ayoa is accessible any time and from anywhere, offering complete flexibility - working in Windows, Mac, on mobile devices and in web apps.

Check out this flier for further information including testimonials and details of some of the blue-chip organisations and institutions already using Ayoa.

We’d love to know whether an Ayoa Chest Agreement could be of interest, not only for direction now but also to help guide us with future conversations.  Please email us either way at help@chest.ac.uk

Added: March 2020

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* Software

Software Agreements cover products widely used in teaching and research. As well as generalist products from Microsoft and Adobe they include subject specific products in GIS, statistics and maths, qualitative data analysis, mind mapping and others.

*Online Resources

Online Resource Agreements include all types of digital resources: from eJournals, eBooks, backfiles, databases, reference materials, standards, to videos… and more.

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