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Choosing products for new Chest Agreements

The following resources are being considered for new Chest Agreements.

With the support of our customers Chest considers lots of opportunities to add new resources to the Chest Agreement portfolio. These resources are suggested by a member of the academic community, identified by Chest, or are from ad hoc approaches from suppliers.

If there is enough backing from the community then Chest will start negotiations - there is strength in numbers!

Our selection process is simple. It is driven by demand and the need to provide better value for money and licence terms than can be obtained elsewhere.

The resources, both Software and Online Resources*, are presented with most recently added first.  Anything over a year old will be taken down.

To express your interest in any of these resources login to the Suggestions page and click the appropriate vote button or email Chest Help.




  XLSTAT logo                                 

We are in advanced conversations with Lumivero about making their XLSTAT Data Analysis software available through Chest.  We’re hoping to have this live and available to order by early May.

XLSTAT is “the leading data analysis and statistical solution for Microsoft Excel”.  XLSTAT ‘allows users to explore, predict, visualize, customize, and share their results without ever leaving Microsoft Excel. And with advanced features devoted to sensory analysis, marketing, life sciences, and quality, XLSTAT lets them unlock the full potential of their data from day one.’

XLSTAT offers more than 250 features, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.  No coding is required, and an in-app assistant that helps users choose the right statistical tool.  XLSTAT even includes an interface between XLSTAT and R to allow users to run R scripts directly in Excel as well as combine R and XLSTAT procedures to extend their analytical capabilities even further.  There are also over 400 free online tutorials to help users quickly get up to speed.

Suggested competitors to XLSTAT include SPSS, JMP, Minitab, Stata and SAS.

Find out more about XLSTAT here.

We’re still discussing licensing models – there’s a chance the XLSTAT Chest Agreement will likely feature a similar model to the NVivo Agreement (unlimited site licence for students and staff and banded pricing based on student and staff FTE), other options may also exist.  We’ll confirm this closer to the time.  Trial licences will also be available.

As we are still refining the details, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any feedback on licensing models.

Added March 2024




Chest has been talking to Aventido about a potential Aventido Chest Agreement, making their Pro-Study and ReadSpeaker TextAid products available with the usual Chest benefits.  

Please have a look at the below, and if an Agreement could be of interest to your institution let us know by emailing us.

Pro-Study and the Pro-Study Assist App streamline student research by simplifying information saving, automatic referencing, and thematic organisation across various sources, enhancing accessibility and productivity, especially for students with diverse learning needs. For more information, please see Pro-Study | Aventido

TextAid is a web-based text-to-speech application offering reading and writing assistance for individuals with dyslexia, ADHD, and concentration-related medical conditions. It features Web Reader for text on educational sites, customisable display options, multilingual voices, and writing aids. Integration with cloud services and admin controls ensure efficient document management and user access. For more information, please see TextAid | Aventido

if you are interested in finding out more about Aventido products, you can see a selection of upcoming webinars on their website here

Added March 2024



We need your input!  Chest have been talking to Proctorio about a potential new Chest Agreement for their Online Assessment solution.  Please have a look at the below, and if an Agreement could be of interest to your institution let us know by emailing us.


Unlock Academic Integrity with Proctorio

Proctorio: Where Innovation Meets Integrity!  In a world where online tests are taking the lead, safeguarding academic integrity is a challenge we all face. Say hello to Proctorio, your trusty sidekick in ensuring honesty in assessments. Proctorio combines recording, verification and lockdown browser settings to ensure a secure exam environment. Their mission? To provide high-integrity within every learning opportunity around the globe. Proctorio’s cutting edge solution makes online test taking easier, more secure and cost-effective.

Why Proctorio Stands Out:

  • Seamless Integration: Proctorio custom integrates with any assessment platform or LMS, utilising Single Sign-On.
  • Accessibility: Proctorio is fully accessible with a verified VPAT 301, Revised 508, and WCAG 2.1 level AA. It's compatible with multiple ARIA-label screen readers.
  • Limitless Scalability: No matter the size or location of your institution, Proctorio's Automated Proctoring adapts to your users’ needs.
  • No Waiting: Proctorio exams are unscheduled, giving users the freedom to take them at any time within the designated testing window.
  • Privacy + Security: Proctorio is the pioneer in online integrity platforms to utilize end-to-end encryption. The exam experience remains confidential between approved institution representatives and test-takers.
  • 24/7/365 Proactive Support

Join the Proctorio community and elevate the quality of education while ensuring the integrity of assessments. To find out more you can watch a short video explainer or visit the Proctorio website.

If you’d be interested to see Proctorio made available through a Chest Agreement, please let us know.

Added November 2023


Certero logo

We need your input!  Chest have been talking to Certero about a potential new Chest Agreement for their IT Technology and Services Solutions.  Please have a look at the below, and if an Agreement could be of interest to your institution let us know by emailing us.  


Certero - Sustainability, IT Security IT Hardware, Software, SaaS and Cloud Asset Management

The Certero Unified Platform enables you to manage IT assets everywhere: on-premises, SaaS or in the Cloud, through a single intelligence platform.

The old way of managing IT assets through multiple tools, multiple data silos and putting up with gaps, inaccuracy and laborious manual processes is over.

Certero provide a unified platform enabling :

  • Visibility of your entire IT hardware and software environment on a single pane of glass
  • Easy identification of unpatched security risks
  • Remote management of device power settings to drastically reduce unnecessary spend and carbon emissions.

To find out more you can watch a short video here, take a look Certero's website or read some case studies here;

Should we create a new Chest Agreement for Certero, all of the Certero product family and services will be made available through it. Certero provide technology and services to deliver SAM, ITAM, SaaS management, FinOps, remote power management and IT Operations Management (ITOM) – all from a single, unified platform.

If you’d be interested to see Certero made available through a Chest Agreement, please let us know.

Any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We’ll only put Agreements in place that are of interest to the sector, so please tell us whether this is up your street or not.  Email us at help@chest.ac.uk

Added October 2023

UPDATE: this agreement went live January 2024



Chest are in conversation with the European online proctoring company Smowltech about a prospective Chest Agreement for their SMOWL proctoring tool.  Please have a look at the below, if this would be of interest to your institution, let us know.

Smowl flyer 1

Smowltech - building trust in e-learning

At Smowltech, we are deeply committed to online education and academic integrity for online assessments. We create innovative technological solutions to make online evaluation as secure as on-premise exams and tests.

The fundamentals of our SMOWL proctoring tool are based on trust/security, scalability and simplicity. This means that we:

  • Operate with low internet bandwidth connections and use fewer resources.
  • Offer a high level of customisation to institutions.
  • As a European organisation, comply with the highest ethical and security standards through the GDPR. All our systems - including support - are in the EU so all your data remains in the EU.

If you are interested in learning more, you can watch this short video explainer, visit the Smowltech website or view a flyer here:

Smowl flyer 2

If you’re interested in learning more about securing the academic integrity of online evaluations, Chest can arrange for Smowltech to provide a free demo for your virtual campus

We’ll only put Agreements in place that are of interest to the sector, so please tell us whether this is up your street or not.  Email us at help@chest.ac.uk

Added February 2023



Matlogica - C++/Python library that delivers automatic differentiation

Chest has started talking to Matlogica, a UK based Deeptech/Fintech company that has developed a Compiler / Software solution that supercharges parallel computing whilst at the same time uniquely provides Automated Adjoint Differentiation (AAD).  If such an Agreement could be of interest to your institution, please let us know; please also feel free to share this information with any colleagues you feel may be interested.

Key features:

  • MatLogica offers a C++/Python library that delivers automatic differentiation with excellent automatic vectorization and optimisation, and also support for multithreading. 
  • The core of their value proposition for academia is in enabling researchers to develop innovative computationally-intensive software much faster, such as simulations, scenario analysis and Machine Learning. They can therefore deliver a reduction in grid/cloud/supercomputing costs of 10-100x to their customers/partners in academia. 
  • The USP of the technology, when compared to commercial solutions  or open source libraries like Adept, is in MatLogica's ability to seamlessly speed up any complex repetitive calculations as well as generate derivatives 10-20x faster. 
  • Their academic partners state that, unlike Julia, MxNet and other open-source tools, MatLogica is bug-free. 
  • The solution would provide researchers in Mathematics, Science and Economics at UK universities with access to the most powerful and easy-to-use software tools for developing state-of-the-art algorithms, enabling institutions to get break-through computational results faster.

Find out more on the Matlogica website

You know the drill: if this might be of interest to your institution, please tell us, we won't progress it if it isn't what the sector wants.

Added February 2023




Allyable - digital accessibility compliance 

Chest is in initial conversation with Allyable about a potential Agreement for their Ally360™ digital accessibility hub.  

Ally360™ is a cutting-edge AI SaaS platform that empowers businesses to take control of their digital accessibility journey and meet digital accessibility standards. With a suite of tools and services, from auditing and testing to monitoring, remediation, and education, Ally360™ enables organizations to design with accessibility in mind and cultivate a team of digital accessibility experts.

In today's digital world, access to information and services through digital channels has become essential. Unfortunately, most websites and digital products are not accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities and the elderly. This creates a significant barrier to access and violates the rights of countless individuals globally. As a result, there is an increasing demand for solutions that help organizations meet digital accessibility standards and comply with regulations including the UK standards, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508 (the US federal regulation), AODA (Canadian regulation), EN301549 (European Union regulation) all of them based on WCAG (Web Compliance Accessibility guidelines) 2.1+, with high security in place and without compromising on the privacy of the end users.

Allyable is a DOBE (Disable Owner Business Enterprise) certificate. Also, Allyable is enterprise-grade by ensuring the highest stands in security (ISO27001) and privacy (GDPR).

Find out more on their website.

If such an Agreement could be of interest to your institution please do let us know.

Added January 2023



Codebashing - Appsec Training platform helping train computer science students and coders 

Chest is in conversation with Checkmarx, the supplier of Codebashing, an Appsec Training platform which helps to train computer science students and coders in areas related to software development and security.  If such an Agreement could be of interest to your institution, please let us know; please also feel free to share this email with any colleagues you feel may be interested.

The field of software security is highly influenced by organizations like: OWASP, PCI, the Linux Foundation and others, which Codebashing complies with them all. The platform includes over 300 mini lessons in more than 10 coding languages (Java, Python, C#, C++, and more), it allows to track the students’ progress, it allows to conduct secured coding tournaments, and more. From the teacher’s side (admin), the platform allows to build dedicated lessons and courses for the students, to provide assignments, to track progress and more. Codebashing is a subsidiary of Checkmarx, a leader in software security, with partners and customers in over 70 countries.

For more information about Codebashing, check out the Codebashing landing page or click on the below.

Image of Codebashing flyer

Please do share any feedback you've got with us, it all helps!

Added January 2023


Domo logo

Domo - cloud-based data intelligence tools

Chest is in conversation about a potential new Agreement with Domo, a provider of industry standard cloud-based data intelligence tools that let organisations get better insight to all their data.  If such an Agreement could be of interest to your institution, please let us know; please also feel free to share this email with any colleagues you feel may be interested.

Domo aim to allow institutions to:

  • Go Fast – help get value from data in record time.
  • Go Big – get multiple users and multiple data sources all working together.
  • Go Bold – all your data in one place with the power to act, learn and change.

Domo has a primary goal of making data analysis easier for everyone. Throughout the connection, preparation, and analysis, it will allow education faculty and students of all technical backgrounds to leverage data more effectively. With more robust tools available for technical users, it allows users to develop core BI skills as the platform adoption grows.

Domo offers the only scalable cloud data platform, combining:

  • over 900 data connectors
  • write-back capabilities
  • real-time reporting
  • alerting
  • AI-driven predictive insights
  • mobile app support
  • an app development framework

The benefit of Domo’s cloud scale is that users don’t have to worry about speed and performance. In a typical 7-day period, Domo:

  • Stores and accesses 36 trillion rows of data
  • Updates that data 124 million times
  • Queries that data 199 million times
  • And answers those queries on average in 0.99 seconds

Product Overview: https://www.domo.com/product

Product tour video: https://www.domo.com/product/tour

What the Service Provides

Higher and Further Education teams will be able to buy the Domo service to fit their primary use case, with pricing to reflect what scale means in their circumstances. The services are functionally equivalent, so there is no trade off on capability, just simple pricing to offer best value for their needs whether that is large user base, or large data volumes.

Any and all feedback will be most welcome; we will not put an Agreement in place unless we know it’s something that’s of interest to the community, so please don’t be shy…

Added November 2022


AppyFair - virtual open day events for Universities and Colleges 

Chest have been talking to AppyFair about a potential Chest Agreement for their virtual events software.  Read on to find out more:

First impressions matter, AppyFair is here to help you make it a good one.  AppyFair is a virtual event platform that allows you to run immersive presentations, capturing the experience of in-person talks with the convenience of remote attendance. The software is used to create virtual events such as open days, completely tailored to your specifications.

  • Events are accessible. AppyFair is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Android and can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile phone. There are also integrated features such as multilingual translation. As a result presentations can be attended worldwide while keeping costs and environmental impact low.
  • The virtual events include live statistics allowing exhibitors to consult real-time detailed performance statistics on the session they are running.
  • Using AppyFair’s exclusive online editing tool, you can tailor the appearance of your virtual event environment. Choose a stage setting from a large selection and personalise with your institution's own branding.
  • AppyFair also offer the possibility to create high-spec 3D virtual tours of campus buildings. Bring your educational premises to life and promote your university to your future students.
  • UK GDPR compliant.
  • AppyFair has 10 years’ experience working with international organisations, including UK universities. In 2020, when in-person events ground to a halt, AppyFair created over 300 virtual events in 11 countries around the world, many of which were attended by UK universities.

Click on the below image to see more about what AppyFair's can offer UK universities and colleges 

Appyfair pres

Visit AppyFair's website here.  Click here for a video walkthrough of setting up a virtual presentation stand.

The proposed Agreement would offer sites the chance to purchase annual licences based on numbers of anticipated attendees and number of anticipated stalls, with unlimited actual events full technical support.

If you’d be interested to see AppyFair made available through a Chest Agreement or have any questions, please let us know.

Added May 2022

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* Software

Software Agreements cover products widely used in teaching and research. As well as generalist products from Microsoft and Adobe they include subject specific products in GIS, statistics and maths, qualitative data analysis, mind mapping and others.

*Online Resources

Online Resource Agreements include all types of digital resources: from eJournals, eBooks, backfiles, databases, reference materials, standards, to videos… and more.

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