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About Us

The Team at Chest negotiate preferential licence agreements for software and online resources for the academic sector. We have been doing this since 1988 when the first agreement for software was negotiated for universities. Further education colleges and other organisations that benefitted from licences for educational purpose soon followed. 

Chest Agreements:

  • Are open to more than 700 universities, colleges, research organisations and charities
  • Save time and licence costs for customers
  • Suppliers reach the market more quickly and gain from our in-depth understanding of the sector
  • Preferential licences guarantee the terms and conditions are explained in easy to understand language
  • Chest is impartial and focuses on what is right for customers and suppliers


We estimate that in 2020-21 Chest Agreements saved the academic community over £80 million collectively in licence costs and efficiency savings.

Chest is a Jisc Enterprise, a not-for-profit membership organisation that provides digital solutions for UK education and research.

Meet the Team

Aimee Hemsley

Customer Support Officer

Aimee is responsible for the customer support side of Chest and has worked for Chest in Bath and Bristol since 2008.

Allen McCarrol

Contracts Officer

Allen has worked for Chest in Bath and Bristol since 2001. Before that he spent a number of years in the copyright music licensing business in Edinburgh.

Anna Clough

Software Licensing Manager

Anna joined Chest in 2020 and manages a range of Chest Software Agreements. She previously worked in HE for 22 years, looking after teaching and research software within a central IT Software Team.

Ben Offiler

Software Licensing Portfolio Specialist

After many years working in first FMCG and then Further Education, Ben joined Chest in 2016 and manages a range of Software Agreements.

Howard Moody

Head of Software Licensing

Howard is responsible for Chest’s relationships with Microsoft & Adobe, and negotiating new Chest Software Agreements. His youthful looks belie thirty years’ experience in the software industry.

Lindsay Robertson

Content Writer

Lindsay is a digital content manager, freelance writer and former librarian. She has a background in archives and media (including film, television and games) and currently works for Jisc in London.

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