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Hexagon Geospatial logo
01 August 2018

Hexagon Chest Agreement Renewed

The Hexagon Geospatial Chest Agreement offers a unique site-wide licence for Essentials, Desktop Imaging and Desktop GIS, at pricing equivalent to 98% discount.

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DigitalEd logo
26 July 2018

NEW: DigitalEd Chest Agreement: Möbius Assessment

Möbius Assessment is a powerful online testing and assessment system designed especially for courses involving mathematics.

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NVivo logo
19 July 2018

NVivo Plus Pricing Reduced / New option for FE

Recently-announced price reduction through the NVivo Chest Agreement and a new option available exclusively for FE colleges - the Classroom Licence. 

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12 July 2018

Free e-book: Access to Online Resources

A helpful guide for information professionals addressing authentication issues and challenges.

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Envi logo
01 July 2018

ENVI Agreement now in place until 2021

The ENVI Chest Agreement has been renewed for a further three years.

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APA logo
28 June 2018

APA Handbook of Dementia has been added to the APA Agreement

The APA Handbook of Dementia addresses assessment, comorbidity, evaluation, and treatment of various forms of dementia.

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