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Esri 2020

Available to purchase until

ArcGIS - fully integrated suite of enterprise GIS software. The ArcGIS platform allows GIS applications to be deployed on desktops, servers, mobile devices, on the web and in the cloud. Developer and scripting tools allow users to customise the platform to deliver specific teaching or research needs. No restrictions on home use. And new for 2020 - unlimited licences.

Key Facts


  • Around 95% discount from commercial prices for Esri ArcGIS software.
  • Home use is allowed and distance learners can use the software overseas.
  • Use of the software for administrative purposes (exceptions for particular products)
  • Esri UK Steering Group which acts as a liaison between the academic community and Esri UK
  • New model offers unlimited licences

Important Dates

  • Agreement start date: 1 August 2020
  • Agreement end date: 31 July 2023
  • Subsequent invoice date: 1 May  

Licence Type

Site and Departmental Licences

Commitment Period 

Institutions are committed until 31 July 2023.


For a trial copy of the software, please contact Highered@esriuk.com

Eligible Institutions

Higher and Further Education and Research Councils in the United Kingdom, and to Universities and Colleges of Further Education in the Republic of Ireland.

Background Information

Chest and Esri UK have had a Chest Agreement in place since 1992, with this Agreement taking us through 30 years. Read more about it here:

Screenshot of article from Esri magazine

This new Chest Agreement runs from 1 August 2020 until 31 July 2023.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Owner: Esri Inc.

Supplier: Esri UK

Product Description

Higher Education institutions in the UK and Ireland can purchase ArcGIS software through the Esri Chest Agreement. The Agreement offers two different options for individual institutions to choose from:

  • Site Licence (Unlimited).  Any institution is eligible to order a site licence, the pricing tiers are based on the institution's Jisc band*.  Student licences are unlimited; the number of administration licences depend on the tier the institution sits in.  If in doubt about the appropriate tier for your institution, please don't hesitate to contact us

  • Department Licence.  A Department Licence is a 50 user licence.  Concurrent Use licenses are not available through the Department License. 

Please see the following document for full details of licence allocations by licence type:

In particular

  • Page 1:  details of the licences available for academic use 
  • Page 2:  details of licence quantities for academic use
  • Page 3:  details of the licences available for administrative use
  • Page 4:  details of licence quantities for administrative use, plus additional benefits
  • Page 5:  details of the departmental licence
  • Page 6:  details of licence quantities for the departmental licence

For complete product descriptions, please visit the Esri UK website.

The pricing is worked out as follows:

Jisc Band

Esri Band

Cost ex VAT

1 / 2

A - Large


3 / 4 / 5a / 5b

B – Medium


6 / 7 / 8 / 9 /10

C - Small


A department licence costs £1375 plus VAT.  All prices also have the Chest fee to be added.  Please see the Product and Pricing tab for full details


What Licence should I use?


ArcGIS Pro


Open Access Lab

Concurrent Use Licences (EFL codes) – these are managed on a flex licence manager and will allow users to access ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap instantly.  These codes will last for the duration of the agreement

Lecturer's Work Computer

Single Use Codes (SU Codes)

These will last for the full 3 years of the chest agreement and should only be deployed on university owned devices. Once verified, enable offline use for the duration of the chest agreement.

Lecturer's home laptop

ArcGIS Identity – licence ArcGIS Pro through ArcGIS Online and enable offline use to allow users off grid access

EVA codes – last 1 year after activation and will enable 1 year of offline use


ArcGIS Identity – licence ArcGIS Pro through ArcGIS Online and enable offline use to allow users off grid access

EVA codes – last 1 year after activation and will enable 1 year of offline use


ArcGIS Identity – licence ArcGIS Pro through ArcGIS Online and enable offline use to allow users off grid access

EVA codes – last 1 year after activation and will enable 1 year of offline use

Products from Esri UK 

Previously, Crime Analyst and Productivity Suite were products that, whilst free, needed ordering separately to the main Agreement. 

Productivity Suite is now gone, replaced by UK Data loader.  Crime Analyst is similarly due to be retired and not being offered, the functionality is in Pro.  Crime Analyst will therefore be available on demand  but won't be listed as an offered product as it won't be supported through the life of this Agreement.

Please note, Esri UK products are not covered by the Esri Chest Agreement (Higher Education Institution License Agreement). That covers Esri Inc products only. For Esri UK products, the Esri UK licence does apply.

Service and Support


For a trial copy of the software, please contact highered@esriuk.com.

Product Documentation

Copying extracts from online documentation for inclusion in internal, non-commercial training material is permitted provided a copyright attribution acknowledgement statement appears in the training material as follows: "Copyright © Esri. All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission."

Use of graphical user interfaces and screen captures is for educational and research publications only, and is not permitted for external training or commercial purposes.

For screen capture of Esri Products, include the following attribution statement where the graphical user interfaces and screen captures appear: "Esri software graphical user interfaces are the intellectual property of Esri and are reproduced herein by permission. All rights reserved."

For screen capture of Esri UK Products (CrimeAnalyst, LocatorHub, and ProductivitySuite), include the following attribution statement where the graphical user interfaces and screen captures appear: "Copyright [insert the actual copyright date(s) from the source materials] Esri UK Ltd and its third-party licensors. All rights reserved."

Training and Training Materials

Making copies of training materials for teaching purposes is permitted.

Technical Support

Chest provide non-technical support only – if you want to know your licence dates, or how much a licence costs, or what your last licence was we can help.

For anything more technical, Esri UK will provide second line advice and support to the nominated Admin and Technical Contacts so please be sure to nominate as many Technical Contacts as the order form allows. This is up to four Technical Contacts for the Esri Chest Agreement.

Support calls can be raised by:

  • An Authorised Caller logging a Support Request Case in My Esri (Esri will have assigned Authorised Caller status to your Admin and Technical Contacts when setting up the My Esri account for your institution)
  • An Admin or Technical Contact phoning 01296 745 555

Please see the Raising Support Calls StoryMap for more information, including how to update your Authorised Caller list within My Esri.

To register a change of Technical Contact with Chest, please email help@chest.ac.uk with name, phone number, email address and position of each new contact. If the new contact is replacing an existing contact, please be sure to let us know who to remove.

Support is provided in accordance with the Esri UK Support Policy.

There are also a number of useful online resources:

Supplier Web Address

Esri UK

Esri UK also provide a number of HE-specific resources:

System Releases, New Versions and Functionality

One copy of system releases and/or new versions and/or new supporting documentation will be made available by Esri to Licensed Sites as and when they become commercially available.

Method of Delivery of the Products

Esri Inc Products

Esri will authorise Licensed Institutions to download the Esri Software licensed under this Agreement from their My Esri portal (note that for ArcGIS Desktop, this only covers version 10.x onwards). Updates or new versions of the Esri Software will be made available in the same manner. If requested, Esri UK can provide backup media for an additional fee.

Note that Patches and Service Packs for existing versions can be found at the Esri Support Downloads webpage.

Esri UK Products

  • ProductivitySuite can be downloaded by the Admin or Technical Contacts from Esri UK ProductivitySuite Download: Click on 'Download ProductivitySuite and/or service packs', complete the form, and submit. Esri UK will then email instructions to you, for downloading and licensing ProductivitySuite.

Please note, Esri UK products are not covered by the Esri Chest Agreement (Higher Education Institution License Agreement) which covers Esri Inc products only. For Esri UK products, the Esri UK licence applies.

Licences on Personal Devices

Use by staff and students on personal devices is covered under the terms of the Esri Chest Agreement. Identity is the preferred method of delivery (ArcGIS Pro) and ESU codes for home use of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) – details are available via the ArcGIS Off-Campus StoryMap

The one-year EVA codes previously used for ArcGIS Desktop activation are being retired, please see the EVA Codes Retired StoryMap for more information.

Borrowing a Concurrent Licence

It is also possible to license your ArcGIS Desktop users for off-campus use (on both institutionally-owned and personal devices) by setting up licence borrowing from your ArcGIS License Manager.

When managing borrowed licences, it is necessary to set a time limit to ensure the University policies for the security and use of the software are adhered to as they are obliged to do under the terms of the agreement. For example, a Masters student may have a three-month research project to complete before they leave the institution. In this example the student should not be provided with a licence that runs beyond the time they are a registered student.

Without external configuration, an ArcGIS License Manager can only be set to share a licence for one defined period e.g. 12 months, 6 months or 3 months. To enable the legal borrowing of licences, the University may need to run two (or more) separate ArcGIS License Managers on different servers e.g. one for 12 months, one for 6 months and one for 3 months.

After the defined time limit expires the licence will check itself back in whether the machine is connected to the network or not.

Supported Software Versions and Platforms

Details regarding version numbers and supported platforms vary depending on product(s). Full information on products can be accessed from the Esri website.

Useful Resources

Esri UK Annual Conference 2021

This year's presentations showcased GIS storytelling, technology demonstrations and customer innovation, with Esri UK experts and customers sharing how GIS is being used to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges, from wrestling with a pandemic to tackling climate change.

Explore the video playlist to see each of this year's presentations. You can also register to view the Esri UK Box Set which takes a deeper look into the topics from the Technology Showcase.

Esri UK Education Webinars

View 'Managing ArcGIS at your Uni in a Disrupted World', along with other webinars related to ArcGIS in education, on Esri UK's Education Webinars website.

Re-imagining GIS in Higher Education

Esri's new Site Licence for universities provides unlimited access to ArcGIS for teaching and research. This provides an opportunity to redefine the way that GIS is accessed and taught across the university, from formal courses to incidental or reactive learning. Find out how to empower students and researchers across your university so they can access the world's leading GIS platform. Visit the webpages here.

University of Cambridge Estate Management Team Case Study

Click on the image to learn how Cambridge Estate Management’s Space Data team created an innovative digital Estate Map with ArcGIS Online, converting data from multiple file formats, and introduced new processes to provide accurate estate information to staff and stakeholders.

Cambridge Uni image

Esri 2020 Renewal Briefing Document

Please find here a copy of the document sent out to all UK institutions in March 2020. This document covers licence quantities for academic and administrative use, plus banding and pricing, and has a large number of FAQs.

There is an equivalent document for Irish Universities here.


About the Esri UK 2020 Agreement

https://www.esriuk.com/en-gb/industries/education/higher-education Scroll down the page and you will come to an FAQ section that is being updated as and when new questions arise

Story Maps is part of ArcGIS Online, so yes.

Terms and Conditions

The Chest Order, together with the Licence Terms and Conditions, and any exceptions listed below, create a legally binding contract between your institution, organisation or company and the Licensor. Therefore please read the terms and conditions carefully and only submit a Chest Order if its terms and conditions are acceptable to your institution, organisation or company and you have the authority to make the financial commitment shown.

Licence Type

Institutions licensing Esri software via the Chest Agreement are bound by all the Terms and Conditions contained in Esri Higher Education Institution License Agreement.

By completing the Esri Online Order Form you confirm your acceptance that the Terms and Conditions will be adhered to. Please ensure that you read the Licence Terms and Conditions before ordering.

Commitment Period

Once ordered, institutions are committed until 31 July 2023.

Payment Terms

Institutions may submit Orders at any time but will be bound by the Terms and Conditions, including payments, of any Licence until 31 July 2023.

For initial purchases, payment will be due on receipt of a correctly completed Order and receipt of Purchase Order (if required) to cover the period from the Licence start date to the following 31 July.

Pro-rata pricing is available on a monthly basis.

For each subsequent year until 31 July 2023, invoices will be raised on 1 May (three months in advance of the anniversary of the Agreement Start Date). The final payment will be invoiced on 1 May 2022 to cover the period 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2023.

Chest is an Enterprise of Jisc. All Purchase orders must be made out to Jisc, 4 Portwall Lane, Bristol, BS1 6NB to cover all charges plus VAT.

All terms contained in a PO are expressly rejected and do not form part of the Licence or vary the Licence terms in any way.

Payments are due within thirty days of invoice date; recipients of late payments are entitled to interest in accordance with UK statutory provisions.

Termination Clauses

At the end of the period of Agreement (31 July 2023), unless a new Agreement is negotiated between Jisc Services Limited and Esri UK, sites will be required to delete the software from their systems and return media to Esri UK.

Location and Use Permissions

Administration and Management of the Business of the Institution

Use of the software is allowed for administration and management of the business of the Institution per the terms and conditions of the agreement. See Esri Education Products and Deployment Schedule for more information.

Commercial Use Prohibited

The commercial exploitation (including exploitation by commercial training) of the software is prohibited. Licenses for Commercial use can be purchased directly from Esri UK.

Paid for Research Prohibited

Under the Chest Agreement, sites are not allowed to use the software for paid-for research.

For example, paid-for research includes when a student/researcher is sponsored by a company to complete research and the company then owns the research for use in their commercial business. This is not allowed. If, however, a student/researcher is sponsored by a company to complete their PhD/project but the student owns the outcome then this is allowed.

Overseas Use

Overseas Use is permitted

Personal Licences

Sites must inform teaching and research staff and registered students allowed to download the Esri software on their personal computers that such use is subject to the Licence Terms and Conditions.

Single User Licence

Single Use licensing should not be used for personal computers at Version 10.x. The license manager for ArcGIS version 10.x has the capability to lend / borrow licenses and set a borrowed license expiry date.

If required ArcGIS Desktop 10.x Student Edition One Year Timeout Educational Evaluations are available to site license Options A and B through the Chest Agreement. The person requesting these must be one of the two named Technical Chest contacts. Students can install these on personal computers. Sites can request up to 20 licences at any one time.

Option A or Option B licence holders should order by completing the One Year Student Licence Form and send it to orders@esriuk.com.

Esri and General Data Protection Regulation

Esri has a specific page focusing on GDPR which references their privacy pages.

Products and Pricing

How to Order

Orders must be placed on the Esri website.

To order, please complete the Esri Online Order form accessed by clicking the big red button with 'Click Here to place your orders via the Esri webpages' below. When completing this form you will be required to agree to the licence terms and conditions.  Your order will automatically be sent to both Esri UK, who will issue your licence keys, and to Chest, who will arrange for your institution to be invoiced accordingly.

It is helpful if you also order using the Chest online process by using the 'Order Now' button above right. This will speed up the Chest Admin process. However, it is not essential for you to do so as long as you complete the Esri Order Form.

For full details of the products included in each licence option please refer to Esri Education Products and Deployment Schedule.

Click here to order now

Alternatively, click here to access Esri's own Higher Education webpages, which details pricing and options.

Your Purchase Order should be made out to 'Jisc, 4 Portwall Lane, Bristol, BS1 6NB' and include the product fee plus the licence fee (£400 for Options A, B & C, £200 for the Departmental Lab Pack).

Currency: All prices are in GBP and exclude VAT 

If your institution does not need a site licence or department lab pack, individual licences can be purchased ensuring that you still have access to ArcGIS for your teaching or research needs.  Please visit this page to do so.

The prices for products available under the site licence options A, B, C and the Department Lab pack are listed on the table below.  Please see the 'Product Information' tab to learn more about how your band has been determined.

Additional Products

Additional products can be added to a site licence option. Details of products and process are available on request from highered@esriuk.com

Orders must be placed on the Esri webpages - see above red button.  Ordering via the Chest pages is not essential, it is just helpful to us.


The below table shows the price per year dependant on the licence your institution is eligible for (see Product Information tab).  There are three figures:  The ArcGIS licence fee, the Chest fee, and the total.  Your PO should be made out for the full amount. 

Please use the filters below to make your selection


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