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Isle of Man Survey Digital Map Data

Available to purchase in perpetuity

The agreement covers a project licence for Isle of Man Digital Map Data and the Isle of Man Spatial Data in DXF or Esri compatible Geodatabase formats, and other derived datasets.

Key Facts


  • The data is free to those sites which request it
  • Access to the data is in perpetuity
  • Sites may become licensed to use the data at any time


Sample maps are available to view on the Isle of Man website

Eligible Institutions

Higher Education, Further Education in the UK and Republic of Ireland and Associated Sites

Background Information

The Isle of Man Government, in order to further its commitment to education generally, is interested in forming partnerships with academic institutions wishing to perform research on the Island. It has therefore agreed to make its complete set of digital maps available to academic institutions in the UK, Isle of Man and Ireland.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Owner: Isle of Man Government, Department of Infrastructure.

Product Description

Isle of Man Digital Map Data and the Isle of Man Spatial Data in DXF or Esri compatible Geodatabase formats, and other derived datasets.

The scales adopted are 1:1250 for major urban areas and 1:2500 for the remainder of the Island, including the upland areas. The sea boundary up to a 12 mile limit has been surveyed at a scale of 1:50000. There is also a 1:10000 scale coverage of the entire island derived from the larger scale mapping with the addition of contour information.

The data is contained in a total of 800 map tiles.

Core data have been created for use in Isle of Man applications. The basemap tiles are available in DXF or Esri compatible Geodatabase formats. A Street Gazetteer, based on specification contained in BS7666, is available. This has been developed in ArcInfo but can be readily output in a format for incorporation in non-Esri applications.

An Address Gazetteer has been created containing geo-referenced property information for the entire Island.

Access and Identity Management Solution

OpenAthens Yes
IP Address range No
Shibboleth No
Username / Password Yes

Technical Function Specification

Technical Function Standard Availability Supplier Notes
Full Text Linking Open URL compliant
Federated Searching Z39.50 protocol
Metadata Standards Dublin Core
Embargo Periods Journal content only
Digital Preservation N/A
Usage Statistics N/A
Accessibility Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
Personalisation features  
Service Levels   No


A revision programme ensures that all map tiles are resurveyed or revised within a period of five years.

Service and Support


Sample maps are available to view on the Isle of Man website

Data provision

Please contact Chest Help with your requirements for data. 

Technical Support

This is raw data and no formal support is provided by the Department, although a limited amount of free assistance will be provided.

Product Documentation

Some documentation is available on the Gazetteer. This is available to authorised users for downloading, if required, from the Chest secure web site.

Training and Training Materials

None is provided.

Terms and Conditions

Licensor: Isle of Man Government, Department of Infrastructure.

Licence Type

Special licence conditions apply to the supply of this Data.

The conditions of the Licence may be reviewed at a future date. The Department reserves the right to amend the terms or to withdraw the Licence at any time.

The Licensed Institution may terminate the Licence by giving the Department a minimum of one month's notice in writing and the Licensed Institution will be responsible for carrying out the provisions of the termination of the Licence at the expiration of the notice period.

What are institutions and library services allowed to do?

Keep a local cached copy for Educational Purposes


Incorporation of parts of the Licensed Material


Deposit learning and teaching objects in repositories


Interlibrary loan


Who can use the resource?


On site

Remote access




Any student studying at another institution who is undertaking a course of study leading to a qualification awarded by the Licensee



Visiting students from other educational establishments



Academic Staff and Researchers



Any person associated with the Licensee but not employed by the Licensee such as pastoral and welfare workers or support people



Teachers of Authorised Users and librarians involved in their instruction and support who are not employed by the Licensed Institution



Visiting academics, researchers and research supervisors from other educational or research establishments



Retired members of staff of a Licensed Institution



Walk-in users



Bona fide members of a Licensee's Alumni Association



What can authorised users do?

The licence authorises the Licensee to use the IoM Data in relation to the project or purpose defined in the Licence. The site will be required to declare the research or teaching project for which the IoM Data will be used.

Sites interested in identifying suitable research projects may contact:

Mr Nick Johnson
Centre for Manx Studies
6 Kingswood Grove
Isle of Man

The data may be used according to the Chest User Obligations for the use of Software or Data, except that the following conditions shall specifically apply:

Permission to use includes:

  1. The storing of IoM Data by electronic code or signal in an electronic retrieval system.
  2. The transmission of IoM Data in any form provided such transmission is within or between the Licensee's own offices.
  3. The viewing of IoM Data on the Licensee's computer equipment.
  4. The creation of hard copies on paper, film or other permanent visual material from IoM Data.


    1. The inclusion of IoM Data in any form in any products, other than as hard copy in reports directly relevant to the project or use stated in the Licence, to be supplied to a Third Party, is NOT covered by the Licence.
    2. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to ensure that the IoM Data held by the Licensee are held securely and that no unauthorised access or use is made of that Data.
    3. Each authorised reproduction from IoM Data and all hard copy printouts from IoM Data must bear the acknowledgement below:
    4. The Licensee shall, at any reasonable time, grant to an accredited representative of the Department, facilities for checking the observance of the conditions of this Licence.


"Reproduced from [or `Based upon' where the reproduction is not facsimile] the ....(1) Isle of Man Survey ......(2) map with the permission of the Department of Local Government and the Environment, © Crown Copyright".

The year of publication (1) and the scale (2) of the map should be inserted in the Acknowledgement where shown.

For reproductions of 200 square centimetres or less, the note "© Crown Copyright" will be sufficient.

Transparent copies of IoM Data exceeding 1250 square centimetres must bear the additional imprint "Unauthorised reproduction infringes copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings".

Termination Clauses

In the event of termination of the Licence, the Licensed Institution is required to destroy all IoM Data held under this Licence together with all copies of such data. The Licensed Institution will be required to confirm to the Department, in writing, that such action has been carried out.

Personal Licences

Personal licences are not available.

Products and Pricing

The data is provided free of charge to those Institutions that complete an Application Form to use Isle of Man Survey Digital Map Data, whose project has been accepted by MANNGIS, and has become licensed through Chest.

Please select the box below to and submit your order. You will not receive an invoice.

Apply for data

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