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Using NVivo to conduct content analysis in Windows


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Find out more about licensing QSR NVivo and NVivo Transcription for your institution through Chest.

You have collected text-based data as part of your qualitative research. Perhaps you have open-ended survey responses, articles, social media research, content from the web, advertisements, movies or podcasts. But, where do you start with your analysis?

Join QSR for our free webinar to learn how NVivo, a powerful qualitative analysis software, can:

  • provide one-click access to word frequencies and key words in context
  • allow you to identify patterns in your content across various text and data sources
  • find connections and understand underlying themes to help inform and support decisions
  • quickly organize and analyze your content to discover deep insights, while asking further questions of your content through queries

Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the event – whether they attend or not.

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