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Effective strategies for integrating and analyzing qualitative data (Windows)


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Find out more about licensing QSR NVivo and NVivo Transcription for your institution through Chest.

Learn tips and tools for how to analyze qualitative data as part of a program evaluation!

Qualitative data can provide important depth of understanding around programmatic outcomes, as well as key context to quantitative analyses.

Whether you are preparing with a literature review, have collected survey data, focus groups, pictures, or other non-numeric information, NVivo can help you organize and quickly analyze your data.

Discover how NVivo can harness the power of qualitative data for evidence-based program development and improvement.

Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the event – whether they attend or not.

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Accelerating your literature search in Windows

Free QSR webinar to learn how NVivo supports you in writing robust literature reviews

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Monitoring Agriculture & Forestry from Satellite and UAV

In this webinar you will learn about monitoring agriculture & forestry from Satellite and UAV

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| Online

Thought Leadership Webinar: How evaluators bring qualitative data into program evaluations

A panellist of evaluators will discuss how they use qualitative data to strengthen their program evaluations in the health, education and not for profit sectors.

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