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MindGenius Chest Agreement Renews for a Further 3-Year Term

The longstanding MindGenius Chest Agreement has been renewed for a further 3-year term, with the new Agreement running from 1 November 2023 to 31 October 2026 and the pricing remaining the same.

MindGenius is a mind mapping application that allows staff and students to capture and visualise ideas and information, whilst MindGenius Online brings the ability of team collaboration to MindGenius. The MindGenius Chest Agreement offers:

  • A 3-year supported licence including home use rights, major product upgrades, and support
  • Annual perpetual licence maintenance (for those institutions who previously bought a perpetual licence)
  • Price banding based on size of institution
  • MindGenius and MindGenius online licences
  • Standard Chest Licence for Software terms and conditions

Free 14-day trials are available of MindGenius and MindGenius Online, for those who are new to the products. There is also a useful webinar recording about ‘The Benefits of Using MindGenius Online within Microsoft Teams’ which has recently been added to the Useful Resources tab of the Agreement webpages.

MindGenius 2023

Available to purchase until

MindGenius is a mind mapping application that allows users to capture and visualise ideas and information. Utilising visually connected information and knowledge makes it easier to take correct ...

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