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New XLSTAT 2024 Chest Agreement launches

We are delighted to announce the launch of the XLSTAT 2024 Chest Agreement. XLSTAT is a powerful data analysis and statistical solution which you can easily use to explore, predict, visualise, customise, and share your results without ever leaving Microsoft Excel.

The Agreement is offered with a 12-month licence in addition to the usual Chest benefits (preferential pricing, flexible pricing options, advantageous terms and conditions).

XLSTAT is offered in three forms via this agreement:

  • XLSTAT Basic+ Classroom Licence (50 fixed users, no network)
  • XLSTAT Premium Classroom Licence (50 fixed users, no network)
  • XLSTAT Premium Campus Licence (1000 concurrent users, network)

Over the coming months we will be looking to run a launch webinar in partnership with Lumivero about XLSTAT. In the meantime, if you would like any further information on the Agreement, please don’t hesitate to contact Chest Help.


Available to purchase until

Transform your data analysis with XLSTAT — the ultimate statistics and multivariate data analysis software that more than 150,000 users across 120+ countries rely on! With XLSTAT, you can easily ...

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