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About the new Chest Website

Today, the new Chest website launched! The heart of the project is to deliver a better user experience.

In a nutshell;

  • we’ve replaced the need for you to print, scan and email order forms with an online order process,
  • we’re capturing the licence information you provide, so that it is easier to maintain and re-use next time you order and, means that the Chest Team does not have to re-key it,
  • provided a secure self-service portal where you can view and manage your Chest transactions, and …
  • replaced our ageing, creaking technology with the latest to provide better security, efficiency, and reliability.

So what have we done?

Built an integrated solution consisting of:

  • Website built in open source content management system - Umbraco
  • Dynamics 365 CRM to manage contact and licence information
  • Integrated to the Eduserv Finance system for invoicing

As with other websites this is a work in progress, so please send us your comments and feedback to help us to improve it.

Please explore the site:

Yes, there are bright new colours and branding but the fundamentals of the Agreements information shouldn't really surprise anyone, and search is so much better than the old site.

But, there are some important changes:

  • Firstly, to view all the content and order you will need to register and,
  • Secondly, there are significant changes to the order process. 

Registering on the Chest Website

Why do you need to register? Well, some content is only accessible to Chest academic members once you are logged in; you can order online and don't need to enter all your details next time; you can see all the resources that your organisation is licensed for; you can view the suggestions that other people have made for new Chest Agreements, vote for them and suggest other products.

As a registered member you can administer your own account details and preferences. Find out more about registering.


The Chest order process has changed. You can find brief instructions on how to order here though the step by step process should be straightforward to follow.

It does vary from Agreement to Agreement and on occasion you might be asked provide extra information - please read the instructions on the Product and Pricing tab carefully. If you have any questions about ordering, then do not hesitate to contact Chest Help.

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