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Registering on the Chest website

Why do you need to register?

Well, some content is only accessible to Chest academic members once you are logged in; you can order online and don't need to enter all your details next time; you can see all the resources that your organisation is licensed for; you can view the suggestions that other people have made for new Chest Agreements, vote for them and suggest other products. As a registered member you can administer your own account details and preferences.

Who can register?

Members of staff at institutions and other organisations that are eligible to participate in Chest Agreements; people who hold an appropriate position at their organisation and are responsible for making decisions about purchasing online resources and software for use by their students and staff.

How to register

  • Simply start to fill in the online form; First Name, Last Name and email (please use your work email address) are required.
  • Type a few letters of the name of your Organisation and select it from the drop-down list.
  • If your organisation doesn’t appear in the list, then type its full name.

  • Add your job title if you want to
  • Tell us what type of resources you’re interested in
  • Type a password and confirm
  • Choose which eNewsletter you’d like to receive (if you already get the Messengers you do not need to select this option) and then,
  • Click Register
  • You will receive an email asking you to validate your email address
  • Before you can login someone in the Chest Team or your Chest Site Rep has to approve your application. This may not happen immediately - please be patient.
  • Please contact Chest Help if you experience a problem. 
  • Then Login and explore the site.

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