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How to order

The Chest Agreement order process has changed.

Find out how you to order and check the details of all your Chest licences.

To order you must login

Prices are shown in tabular format, with filters, making it easier for the user to select the product lines that they want to buy.

Purchase Orders

In most cases you should make your Purchase Orders out to JISC, 4 Portwall Lane, Bristol, BS1 6NB.

Have your PO number ready.

You can confirm this in the Payment Terms section on the Terms and Conditions tab of the relevant Chest Agreement.


There is more than one way to order, though the most efficient is to order online, option 1:

If your institution requires a Purchase Order then you will be asked to provide it during the online order process. If you don't have it then indicate that you will send it later by typing tba in the space on the order form.


Navigate to your chosen Agreement. The order online order process will vary from agreement to agreement but the following instructions apply to most

Choose the Products and Pricing Tab then either;

  1. Check the box or boxes next to your chosen product(s)/option(s) and click the ‘Order now’ button, follow the screen instructions step-by-step. 
    • Contacts - most Agreements require 4 named contacts. If members of your organisation are registered on the Chest website then you can select them - just start to type their name and choose from the drop down list. If the person is not in the list then type the details.
    • Complete all the steps and then submit your completed order online or;

  2. Click the ‘Order now’ button and either;

    1. Check the box(es) next to your product(s)/option(s) and download a partially completed order form and fill in the rest of the details offline or,

    2. Download a blank pdf order form, complete all the details offline; and then, return your form as an email attachment to Chest Help or by post to:

Chest (part of Jisc) One Castlepark, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0JA

Whichever method you choose Chest Help will review your order, check the price, apply any additional discounts or price adjustments that might relate to it and confirm your order by email. 

If you get stuck with your order then Chest Help will be happy to help.

Managing your Chest licences

When you are logged in select 'My Licences' from the drop-down menu and you can view the status of the most recent orders from your organisation. If you have any questions about your orders/licences then contact Chest Help with the details.

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