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Please read the following carefully before registering.

Only genuine members of staff who are responsible for licensing at organisations that are eligible to take part in Chest Agreements can register for an account. Others will not be approved.

After submitting your registration request, you will be required to firstly validate your registration; secondly your registration will require manual approval (see below); only after both steps are completed will you be able to login.


  1. Register your details - Tip: start typing the name of your organisation and pick the correct name. If you can't find your organisation then type it in.

  2. Validate your email address by clicking on the link in the email

  3. Your account has to be approved before you can login.  This is ordinarily done by your Chest Site Rep - please be patient - it might take a little while.  If you believe you may be the first person to register from your organisation, please email help@chest.ac.uk to ask us to approve.  Please be sure to include your organisation's name, your job title and your reason for registering.

Find out more about Registration.

Please contact Chest Help if you have an urgent need to register.

We advise that you read Chest's Privacy Notice and Data Processing Agreement.

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Password must be between 8 - 20 characters long, and should contain a mixture of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters.

If you require help with registration please contact us

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