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Maple Conference 2021


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Information and Registration

This conference is dedicated to exploring different aspects of Maple, including Maple's impact on education, new symbolic computation algorithms and techniques, and the wide range of Maple applications. It will take place online, and will include live presentations and discussions as well as recordings and chatrooms, in order to accommodate time zones. Maplesoft staff will also offer Maple training sessions on a variety of topics during the conference. Registration is free and now open.

The presentations fall within three broad categories: Maple in Education, Algorithms and Software, and Applications of Maple. The keynotes are:

  • Two-Eyed Seeing: Mathematics and Indigenous Traditions and Cultures by Dr. Veselin Jungic
  • An Integral View on Dimensional Analysis: Scaling Invariants for Parameter Reductions in Dynamical Systems by Dr. Evelyne Hubert
  • Math in Changing Times by Dr. Laurent Bernardin

All other presentations will be pre-recorded and available on demand. There will also be opportunities to ask questions of the presenters in a live session.

There are also two optional add-on workshops available which take place on Monday 01 November, the day before the conference begins (there is no cost to attend these, but registration is required):

  • Maple Programming: Beyond the Basics (18:00-21:00 BST)
  • Advanced Problem Solving with Regular Chains (14:00-17:00 BST)

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