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Maple Learn for FE & Schools 2021

Unfortunately, this agreement expired on the and is unavailable for purchase at this time.

This agreement provides a site licence for Maple Learn, Maplesoft's online tool for teaching and learning mathematics that puts all the visualisation, solving tools, and interactivity you want at your fingertips, while also giving you the flexibility to work through steps like you would on paper.

Key Facts


  • 3 year licence with fixed pricing
  • Annual opt out without penalty
  • Access from institutional and personal devices included

Important Dates

Agreement start: 15 September 2021

Agreement end: 30 April 2023

Subsequent invoice date: one month in advance of the licence anniversary date

Commitment Period

Institutions may participate at any time during the agreement period; however, they will be bound by the terms and conditions, including payments for three years from their enrolment unless the annual opt out clause is invoked.

Licence Type

Site licence

Eligible Institutions

This Agreement is available to Institutions of Further Education and Schools in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Institutions of Higher Education in the UK and the Republic of Ireland can purchase Maple Learn as an add-on product under the Maplesoft 2018 Chest Agreement.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Licensor: Waterloo Maple Inc., acting through its Trading Division “Maplesoft”, an Ontario, Canada-based company with offices at 615 Kumpf Drive, Waterloo, ON, N2V 1K8, Canada.

Product Description

Looking for an online mathematics tool to use in teaching mathematics?

With over 30 years of experience of working with educators to bring software to the mathematics classroom, Maplesoft has developed Maple Learn, an online teaching and learning environment.

Maple Learn's unique, like-paper-but-better environment puts all the visualisation, solving tools, and interactivity you want at your fingertips, while also giving you the flexibility to work through steps like you would on paper. It provides a single, familiar environment that supports and enriches how you teach, making it easy to bring the benefits of technology to your students.

With Maple Learn, you can:

  • Provide illuminating graphs, computations, explanations, and interactive explorations all together in a single online document. There is no need to switch between tools.
  • Focus students’ attention on the most important steps. You can work through problems using a combination of manual steps and computations performed by Maple Learn, so you control the level of detail shown in the calculation.
  • Provide more engaging examples. Since you don’t have to do every time-consuming step of the solution by hand, you can provide more complex, real-world problems to motivate your students.
  • Parameterise expressions at the click of a button so you and your students can explore concepts, even on the spur of the moment.
  • Easily create and share documents and applications with your class to explore on their own.
  • Use one tool to teach all your subjects. Maple Learn covers everything from secondary school mathematics up until the end of second year University, so you don’t have to switch tools when you switch classes.

To see some of what Maple Learn can do, explore the Maple Learn Example Gallery. You can also try the basic version for free, no sign-up is required, at https://learn.maplesoft.com/doc

Service and Support


Maple Learn is available to try with a free Basic account.

Product Documentation and Training Materials

Technical Support

Maplesoft will provide telephone advice and support to the nominated technical Contact and/or his/her Deputy at Licensed Institutions during normal business hours. Maplesoft support can be contacted at:

Phone: 01223 828989
Email: support@maplesoft.com

Supplier Web Address

Supplier home page: www.maplesoft.com

Maple Learn home page: www.maplesoft.com/products/learn

System Releases, New Versions and Functionality:

New releases, versions and functionality are included.

Maplesoft's Privacy Policy


Useful Resources

Introducing Maple Learn

Click on the image below to watch an introduction to Maple Learn:

Maple Learn: The Simple Way to Create Interactive Online Content for Any Course That Involves Maths

Click on the image below to watch the recording of the Further Education webinar held on 30 March 2022:

Maple Learn: Changing the Face of Mathematics Education

Click on the image below to watch a webinar on how Maple Learn is changing the face of mathematics education. You’ll discover how Maple Learn provides a flexible interactive environment for solving problems, a great platform for conceptual learning, and incredibly simple content development and deployment solutions. You’ll also discover low-effort ways to take advantage of Maple Learn in your classroom immediately.

Click on the following links for:

Unfortunately, this agreement expired on the and is unavailable for purchase at this time.

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