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Time to take a new look at D&B Hoovers for academic research

D&B Hoovers has recently been upgraded to deliver even greater benefits to Higher Education institutions. The new version of D&B Hoovers offers even more in-depth business information, a new intuitive interface and advanced search capabilities for academic research and career planning. 

D&B Hoovers provides access to 120M+ business records from 30,000 sources in 190 countries, updated 5 million times a day.  It helps students analyze markets on a regional and global scale, conduct SWOT analysis on individual companies and develop subject matter expertise through understanding issues that are influencing business such a strategic initiatives, news and industry reports.

To find out more or request a demo please click here.

The D&B Hoovers Chest Agreement offers access for 1000 concurrent users at a significant discount against standard pricing.

For further information contact help@chest.ac.uk

* Sorry, this agreement has expired *

Hoover's Online

This agreement expired on the 31/10/2019

Subscribe to Hoover’s Online, a web based global business database providing insight into 85 million companies, 100 million contacts, and 900 industry segments. It combines Dun and & Bradstreet ...

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