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DigitalEd Agreement for Möbius

Möbius is the comprehensive online courseware platform for creating and deploying online STEM courses. From individual lessons and textbook supplements, to full courses, remedial materials, enrichment content, outreach programs, and more, Möbius Courseware will help you provide an engaging, effective online learning experience for your students.  The Möbius e-learning platform is cloud-based, allowing institutions to open up learning to their students anywhere globally.

The DigitalEd Chest Agreement offers discounted and tiered pricing based on the number of student users, with staff able to use Möbius for free within institutions that hold licences.   Find out more on the Agreement webpages.

* Sorry, this agreement has expired *

DigitalEd 2020

This agreement expired on the 28/02/2022

This updated-for-2020 Agreement provides licences for the Möbius Platform from DigitalEd. Möbius is a digital learning platform that promotes learning based on the cognitive science of successful ...

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