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DigitalEd 2020

Available to purchase until

This updated-for-2020 Agreement provides licences for the Möbius Platform from DigitalEd. Möbius is a digital learning platform that promotes learning based on the cognitive science of successful learning, facilitates evidence-based optimisation of learning, and supports an ecosystem of asset creation and sharing. It allows instructors to assess student understanding of maths-based concepts, making Mobius from Digital Ed appropriate for any STEM course.

Key Facts

Please note that this agreement is not being renewed after 28th February 2022


  • 3 year licence with fixed pricing 
  • Integrates with virtually any course management system
  • Prices decrease with more users
  • Full learning platform allowing the development of testing and learning materials
  • Reduces instructor workload with automated marking
  • Powered by a symbolic math engine, Möbius platform iprovides effective tools for online math-based education

Important Dates

Agreement start: 1 March 2020

Agreement end: 28 February 2022

Subsequent invoice date: One month in advance of the licence anniversary date.

Commitment Period

Institutions may participate at any time during the 2 year period; however, they will be bound by the terms and conditions, including payments for three years from their enrolment.

Licence type

Site licence.


Sites wishing to trial Möbius may choose between a free evaluation (individual guest access on the public server) or a pilot - a private instance set up for that university with multiple instructors, ability to test with students, testing of LTI integration to the VLE.  Please contact Chest Help to arrange

Eligible Institutions

This Agreement is available to Institutions of Higher and Further Education and Research Councils in the United Kingdom, to Universities and Colleges of Further Education in the Republic of Ireland and Associated Sites.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Licensor: Digital Education, dba DigitalEd, an Ontario, Canada based company with offices at 630 Weber Street North, Suite 100, Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 2N2, Canada.  United Kingdom: 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS

Product Description

Möbius is the industry-leading digital learning platform that promotes learning based on the cognitive science of successful learning, facilitates evidence-based optimization of learning, and supports an ecosystem of asset creation and sharing. Excelling at creating and deploying interactive teaching and assessment content for higher-educational institutions around the world, and specifically designed to meet the unique and complex needs of STEM, Möbius is optimizing the world of digital education.  The Möbius Chest Agreement is for licences only, it does not include the Starter Content Bundle, please see below for more information.


Improve end-to-end student learning outcomes with continuous testing, Interactive Narratives, and automatic feedback that encourages learning through active processing.

  • Inline assessment with Immediate Feedback establishes initial understanding and interrupts the forgetting process
  • Combining audio, visualisations, interactivity and inline assessments, Interactive Narratives enable dual-channel learning that also leverages active processing to increase retention


Reduce instructor workload with automatic grading, intuitive algorithms, and a supportive ecosystem of asset creation that has a proven effect on the time required by an educator to create and assess their online courses.

  • Automatic grading reduces instructor hours
  • Providing engaging online course materials frees up time to work directly with struggling and advancing students
  • LTI integration reduces time spent navigating separate platforms and interfaces


Less time spent grading, and the replacement of a physical textbook reduces costs for institutions as well as students.

  • Online courseware is a fraction of the cost and replaces a physical textbook
  • Reduce the number of teaching assistants and teacher hours with automatic grading


World-class analytical information focused around student and content performances ensures all aspects of the educational experience are optimised to their full potential.

  • Instructor dashboards provide insight into student understanding in a concise view
  • Review past results and determine points of failure in order to enhance course content


Differentiated strength in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines with a world-class engine designed with STEM in mind.

  • Sophisticated question generation to ease the burden on STEM instructors
  • Mathematical equivalence ensures students are properly rewarded for their answer, and instructors are not required to verify every possible solution


Please note, the Starter Content Bundle is NOT included with Möbius bought through the Chest licence, other than for smaller institutions buying less than 750 licences.  The Bundle is available at a price of £3.25 per user directly from DigitalEd.  This decision was taken because it would allow Möbius to be offered at the lowest possible price.

Möbius licences do come with a number of free courses and questions.  The question banks and free course content can be downloaded directly from those pages and are completely free for anyone to download and use.  Institutions are also invited to add material to these pages, meaning the amount of freely-available content is growing all the time.

Useful Resources

DigitalEd - Individual Learning in a Shared World 

"DigitalEd - the future of education through digital learning.”  Click on the below to view DigitalEd's vision and start getting a feel for how Möbius could be helping your institution.

Snip from DigitalEd video

Video added 31 March 2021

Optimising STEM Courses with Möbius - Bite Size Demo

Click on the below image to watch this video demo from March 2021

Snip from video


Möbius Self-guided demo

if you would like to see Möbius in action, please feel free to use the self-guided demo tool.


DigitalEd Resources Library

DigitalEd offer a library of resources created to help you get the most out of the Möbius Platform. Click on the below links to find out more.

In due course we will add specific examples to these pages.

Service and Support


Sites wishing to trial Möbius may choose between a free evaluation (individual guest access on the public server) or a pilot - a private instance set up for that university with multiple instructors, ability to test with students, testing of LTI integration to the VLE.  Please contact Chest Help to arrange

Product Documentation

Documentation is provided as PDFs and may be downloaded from the DigitalEd Support page

Training and Training Materials

Available from the DigitalEd Support page

Technical Support

DigitalEd will provide telephone advice and support to the nominated technical Contact and/or his/her Deputy at Licensed Institutions 24 hours a day five days a week. DigitalEd support can be contacted at:

Phone: +1 800 069 8801

Email: support@digitaled.com

Response time for initial enquiries will be within 2 working days.

Supplier Web Address

Supplier home page: www.digitaled.com

System releases, new versions and functionality:

New releases, versions and functionality are included.

Terms and Conditions

The Chest Order, together with the Licence Terms and Conditions, and any exceptions listed below, create a legally binding contract between your institution, organisation or company and the Licensor. Therefore please read the terms and conditions carefully and only submit a Chest Order if its terms and conditions are acceptable to your institution, organisation or company and you have the authority to make the financial commitment shown.

Licence Type

This Site licence is subject to the terms and conditions for the Standard Chest Licence for Software.

Payment Terms

On receipt of a completed order, Sites will be invoiced by DigitalEd for the first year of the licence. For each subsequent year, sites will be invoiced one month in advance of the anniversary date of the Agreement.

Please make one Purchase Order payable to "Digital Education Company UK Limited (“DigitalEd”)” and ensure that it covers the full cost of all Supplier Fees and VAT

A separate Purchase Order should be made payable made out to JISC, 4 Portwall Lane, Bristol, BS1 6NB for the Chest Fee.

All terms contained in a PO are expressly rejected and do not form part of the Licence or vary the Licence terms in any way.

Sites may, if they wish, pay a single charge to DigitalEd to cover their commitment period (3 years). Please advise Chest Help if you would like to do this. 

Payments are due within thirty days of invoice dates; recipients of late payments are entitled to interest in accordance with UK statutory provisions

Location and Use Permissions

User Permission
Students Yes 
Academic Staff  Yes
Non-Academic Staff  Yes 
Staff home use rights*  Yes 
Student home use rights*  Yes 
Access via Citrix, Terminal Server  n/a 

The use of the Product for the administration and management of the Licensee’s educational and research operations is permitted under this Licence.

Personal Licences

Personal licences are not available under this Agreement.

Adding Users

Licensees may order additional numbers of Users at any time during the term of a Licence, but may not decrease the total. The additional per User Supplier Fee applicable to any additional Order will be based on the aggregated number of Users ordered across all Orders by that Licensee, including the number being ordered.

The Supplier Fee per User per Annum per Licensee applicable at the beginning of any given Licence Year shall be determined by the aggregated number of Users ordered by that Licensee up to that point.

The price applicable to Orders for additional Users shall be prorated on a monthly basis to the end of the then current Licence Year.

Products and Pricing

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