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De Gruyter Databases - new Agreement

We are pleased to advise that an agreement for the products below is now available for perpetual purchase together with optional annual updates to keep your collections current.

Spark - Encyclopedia of Chemistry, Materials Science and Physics

Enzymes Online - Tailored compilation on enzymology from all relevant disciplines including biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering

Energy Online - The one-stop-shop for research results and applications in the Energy area in a compilation of De Gruyter books and journal articles related to Energy

nano Online - physics, chemistry and materials science at the Nanoscale

IUPAC Standards Online: IUPAC’s standards and recommendations easily discoverable ; Comprehensive: standard values and procedures, nomenclature, terminology and symbols in chemistry, properties of elements; Smart: topical structure, advanced search, cross-linked entries.

Full details are available from De Gruyter Databases Agreement please make your relevant faculty aware of this new agreement which offers substantive savings to the UK academic community.

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