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Practice Labs

Available to purchase until

Powering up digital skills for your staff and students: develop their hands-on digital skills in a safe, live environment without any risk to your critical business systems.

Key Facts


  • 1 or 3 year licence with fixed pricing
  • Simplified tiered licensing model
  • Bespoke licensing options only available through Chest

Important Dates

Agreement start: 1 February 2021

Agreement end: 31 January 2024

Subsequent invoice date: 3 months in advance of the licence anniversary date (for the 3 year licence).

Commitment Period

Institutions may participate at any time during the 3 year period. They will then be committed for the licence term they have selected (1 or 3 years).

Licence Type

Various – see the 'Products and Pricing' tab for more information.


Trials are available.  Please see the 'Service and Support' tab for more information.

Eligible Institutions

This Agreement is available to Institutions of Higher and Further Education and Research Councils in the United Kingdom, to Universities and Colleges of Further Education in Ireland, and to Associated Sites.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Licensor: Practice Labs Systems Ltd., registered in England and Wales (company number 5939037), whose registered office is 9 Waterside Court, Galleon Boulevard, Crossways Business Park, Dartford, DA2 6NX.

Product Description

The digital divide increases daily, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What if your students and staff could develop their hands-on digital skills in a safe, live environment far away from your critical business systems? Now they can. Practice Labs empower students, technical and non-technical staff to develop their hands-on digital skills and learn how to recognise cybersecurity threats – away from your critical business systems, within a safe cloud environment. The Practice Labs environment can be integrated with leading Learning Management Systems (LMS's) or accessed 24/7 via any web browser.

For staff and students alike, experimentation fuels progress, but learning new IT skills or testing ideas using live equipment in the institution can be risky. Within the Practice Labs environment, your users can access hundreds of pre-configured virtual machines and sandbox environments to up-skill, re-skill or just to test their theories prior to deployment.

Regardless of the age of equipment available to them, staff and students can grow their confidence in using technology and practice their work-ready digital skills through the Practice Labs Cloud.

The Practice Labs Cloud hosts hundreds of pre-configured virtual machines, each containing live-lab environments including:

  • Entry-level guided labs to extend cyber-awareness and build fundamental computer skills
  • Technical task-driven labs covering specific IT disciplines for upskilling or reskilling
  • Freestyle sandboxes where IT professionals can test their theories and experiment without risk to work systems

Click on the following links for:

Through the Practice Labs Chest Agreement, institutions can choose from the following licensing options to suit their needs:

  • Purchase a precise number of Per User licences, with either a Single/Bespoke* Lab or an Unlimited Library
  • Purchase a Concurrent User Single Lab licence for 25 users
  • Purchase a Concurrent User Unlimited Library licence for 50/100/200/Unlimited users

*Institutions can also pay for Practice Labs to develop and build a bespoke/custom Lab (with course content) or Sandbox (without course content) through the Chest Agreement (to be scoped by the institution in association with Practice Labs prior to ordering).

Industry Recognition

Service and Support


The Supplier will grant a royalty free trial licence for a period of up to 30 days upon request from any Community member who has an interest in ordering the Software, subject to (a) prior discussion and consultation between the Supplier and the Community member, and (b) the agreement of the Supplier to the trial. Please contact Chest Help to arrange, or click here to self-register.

Product Documentation

Training and Training Materials

Technical Support

Practice Labs will provide initial training, as well as on going advice and support, to the nominated Technical Contact and/or his/her Deputy at Licensed Institutions.

Online: https://skills.practice-labs.com/contact

E-mail: support@practice-labs.com

Phone: 0203 5887250

Practice Labs also provide a variety of support options to all users within the platform. These support options include: support videos; user guides; support tickets; and in platform network performance testing. Click here to access the Practice Labs Help Center.

Personal Settings

Practice Labs Service Status

Supplier Web Address

Supplier home page: https://skills.practice-labs.com

System Releases, New Versions and Functionality

New releases, versions and functionality are included.

Useful Resources

What are Practice Labs?

Click on the on the poster below to find out more information:

Image of Practice Labs flyer

Demo of a Practice Lab

Click on the image below to watch a short demo of a Practice Lab:


Practice Labs Help Center

Practice Labs Service Status

Terms and Conditions

The Chest Order, together with the Licence Terms and Conditions, and any exceptions listed below, create a legally binding contract between your institution, organisation or company and the Licensor. Therefore please read the terms and conditions carefully and only submit a Chest Order if its terms and conditions are acceptable to your institution, organisation or company and you have the authority to make the financial commitment shown.

Licence Type

The Per User and Concurrent licences are subject to the terms and conditions for the Standard Chest Licence for Software.

Payment Terms

Jisc will invoice Licensed Institutions for the initial fee on receipt of a completed order. Sites who have subscribed to the 3 year licence will then be invoiced annually 3 months in advance of the anniversary of their licence start date until the end of their Commitment Period.

You are advised that because of the requirement for Jisc to collect monies due before the anniversary date 2 charges may initially fall into an academic accounting year.

Chest is an Enterprise of Jisc. All Purchase orders must be made out to Jisc, 4 Portwall Lane, Bristol, BS1 6NB to cover all charges plus VAT.

All terms contained in a PO are expressly rejected and do not form part of the Licence or vary the Licence terms in any way.

Payments are due within 30 days of invoice date; recipients of late payments are entitled to interest in accordance with UK statutory provisions.

Location and Use Permissions

User Permission
Students Yes
Academic Staff  Yes
Non-Academic Staff  Yes 
Staff home use rights Yes 
Student home use rights Yes 

The use of the Product for the administration and management of the Licensee’s educational and research operations is permitted under this Licence.

Personal Licences

As home-use rights are already included as standard, personal licences are not required under this Agreement.

Adding Users

Note that, once allocated to an individual, a Per User licence cannot be reallocated within the licence year. In committing to a 3 year licence this means that you can reallocate Per User licences at the start of years 2 and 3.

Licensees may add licences to those they have already purchased through an initial Order, by means of a subsequent Order. Fees for such additional licences shall be prorated on a monthly basis so that the additional licences shall be co-terminus with the existing licences. However, the minimum prorated Fee payable for such additional licences is six-twelfths of the annual Fee payable, even if the initial term of the additional licences is less than 6 months.

Exceptions to the Terms and Conditions

The following clause has been added to this Agreement:

10: GDPR. Licensor and Licensee agree the following:

10.1        Each will comply with GDPR which means the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and any legislation or regulation which amends or replaces it.  Performance of this Licence Agreement requires each party to process contact details for the other party’s personnel.  Each party is the controller of the Personal Data (as defined by GDPR) relating to its own personnel and both are processors of Personal Data relating to the other party’s personnel.  Therefore, each party will:

10.2        only use such Personal Data for the purposes of this Licence Agreement;

10.3        take appropriate measures to ensure the security of the Personal Data that they process;

10.4        ensure that its personnel who process Personal Data are subject to a duty of confidence;

10.5        ensure that no third-party processes any Personal Data received from the other party except in accordance with GDPR requirements and with the consent of the other party;

10.6        cooperate with the other party with their rights and obligations as data controllers, including assistance with: obligations in connection with subject access requests and other data subject rights under GDPR; controller’s responsibilities concerning the security of processing, data breaches and data protection impact assessments; and reporting, inspection, and audit requirements;

10.7        notify the other party:

               (a)   immediately if they believe any instructions or requirements of the other party would infringe GDPR;

               (b)   immediately they believe a GDPR breach has occurred or is likely to occur under this Licence Agreement;

               (c)   within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving any subject access request from the other party’s personnel relating to Personal Data under this Licence Agreement;

10.8        only retain Personal Data after the end of this Licence Agreement if there is a statutory basis to do so or as specified in its own published privacy policy, provided such privacy policy complies with GDPR requirements.  Each party will also delete Personal Data upon request of the other party unless there is a statutory basis to retain it or some other lawful reason, independent of this Licence Agreement, allows the party to retain the Personal Data.

Products and Pricing

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