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License Dashboard 2019

Unfortunately, this agreement expired on the and is unavailable for purchase at this time.

License Dashboard provides innovative and adaptive solutions that track and manage changing licensing programs to enable organisations to reduce spend on software licenses, save IT professionals vast amounts of time on manual tasks, and reduce the risk of licensing non-compliance.

Key Facts


  • Unlimited site licence* (which is unique to this agreement) providing the most cost effective and transparent licensing
  • Choice of reseller partners
  • Now includes License Dashboard Training Academy - see Service and Support Tab for more information

Important Dates

Agreement Start: 1 January 2019

Agreement End: 31 December 2021

Invoice date: Sites will be invoiced for the Agreement year in which their Licence is signed. In subsequent years they will be invoiced three months in advance of the anniversary date of their Licence Start Date.

Licence Type

Site Licence*

Commitment Period

Three year licences with annual payments.


A free 30 day single user evaluation copy of License Dashboard License Manager is available from here.

Eligible Institutions

Higher and Further Education, Academies and Research Councils in the UK, and Higher and Further Education Institutions (Third Level Colleges) in the Republic of Ireland.


The products available in this Chest Agreement are to be ordered through one of the following resellers:

Background Information

This is the third term of a License Dashboard Chest Agreement, the community having expressed an interest for Chest to negotiate an Agreement for License Dashboard products.

*An unlimited site licence is defined as a single database for an unlimited number of assets.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Owner: License Dashboard Ltd, (company no 6599902), Blenheim House, York Road, Pocklington, York, YO42 1NS

Product Description

By purchasing License Manager through the Chest Agreement you will receive License Manager, ScanWIn Discovery and License Dashboard Portal (for 2 named users). All software applications are based on a subscription license model for 12 months with support (see Service and Support tab).


From the seamless and automatic import of Microsoft Licensing Statements (MLS), to bulk data uploads from reseller records, to the wizard-based entry of individual licenses, License Manager is designed to make the process of building an accurate and reliable license repository as painless as possible.

  • Connect to 70+ Inventory Tools: License Dashboard has developed a range of out-of-the-box connectors designed to integrate your existing audit solution into License Manager. There’s no faster way to start managing your software licenses.
  • Manage Software Licenses Automatically: License Manager automatically scours entitlement sources (such as the MLS) ensuring all items are checked against manufacturers’ software catalogues and that special licensing terms, such as upgrades and maintenance, are associated with the necessary base licenses. Likewise, any additional or improved installation granted by grandfathering rights or tech guarantees.
  • Automatic Collation and Comprehension of Licensing Entitlements: License Manager needs just a few minutes to achieve what would take consultants and previous-generation license management solutions weeks, if not months. 15 years of built up software dictionaries have enabled License Manager to hold all historic software records.
  • Leading Data Center and Virtual Environment Visualization: License Manager’s dedicated workspace creates a single pane of glass for managing both physical and virtual relationships. This provides an easy to understand visual of guest host clusters and Data Center relationships, as well as the impact of any mobility granted and the understanding of any affinity and anti-affinity rules.
  • Understand and Assign User Based Licensing: Now is the time to prepare for your vendor offering user-based subscription licensing schemes. License Manager will help you understand who is assigned to which subscription and will reveal their exact entitlement to deploy across endpoints, automatically resolving multiple user subscription aliases to a primary user account.
  • Advanced Platform Management: Included in the standard edition of License Manager is the ability to manage complicated vendors such as IBM, Oracle and SAP. With their own workspaces, aligning the complicated licensing rules with consumption data has never been easier.
  • Insight into Cloud Consumption: Currently, customers struggle to define their cloud, on-premise and hybrid license entitlements. Working with License Manager, you can produce a clear definition between each license type and make strong recommendations for predicted spend.



LD ScanWin is a utility that can be used to inventory Windows devices without the need to deploy an agent. As a console application, it can be run from the command prompt, or scripted for automation.

LD ScanWin collects the following information from Windows devices:

  • Device hardware and configuration information
  • Windows Operating system edition
  • Installed software (MSI Installs)
  • Microsoft SQL Server instances and editions
  • Single device – provide the device name when running the utility
  • List of devices – provide a text file containing a list of device names
  • Active Directory – retrieve device and user name information

(Please note, License Dashboard Portal is not included for bands E & F but can be purchased separately)

License Dashboard Portal helps organizations share software usage monitoring information in an intuitive BI application across business departments. You can now optimize the value of data collated and held across the different products within the License Dashboard technology platform. Furthermore, License Dashboard Portal makes your data accessible and meaningful to any business unit / department involved in the SAM process.

License Dashboard Portal will provide the ability to report on the key data relating to the License Inventory. The intuitive reporting platform provides a ‘Notification’ dashboard. The License Records Notifications show an overview of the License Records workspace in License Manager.

License Dashboard Portal has Role Specific Views, example as CEO you require the headline figures of your organization’s financial exposure and license compliance risk available to you in a quick to digest format, whenever you need. Traditional SAM reports via a spreadsheet can be cumbersome and require time-spent by the IT team to produce. License Dashboard Portal changes all of that.

Your customized dashboard view takes information directly from your License Manager SAM tool and presents a clear, point in time, overview of your organization’s licensing status. No more spreadsheets, no more wordy explanations.

  • License Dashboard Portal is available to you 24/7 via your workstation, tablet or smartphone
  • Monitor your Azure Cloud applications within LDP, Report Azure platform consumption
  • Manipulate data views and save filtered/customized reports
  • Visually see monthly trends/consumption analysis
  • See complex cloud usage in a single, unified visual view
  • View all your applications in one centralized view
  • View all users and the user accounts assigned to each user
  • Export consumption reports from within LDP

Image of LD Portal

License Dashboard Portal allows businesses to tailor role specific views to end users within the business. 2 named users are provided dependant on tiering, if additional users are required users can be purchased. Allowing additional resources to see the data held within the portal.

License Dashboard will take away the task of getting procurement data for 5 publishers into License Manager. License Dashboard consultants cleanse and import and validate the entitlement into License Manager enabling you to start using the tool from the beginning. License Dashboard match the maintenance purchases to the licenses to give a cleansed normalised view of your entitlement position for 5 vendors. All the data is then imported directly into License Manager.

License Dashboard consultants will undertake the installation ScanWin, License Manager and LDP  within your infrastructure, License Dashboard will configure and schedule connectors to feed data on a chosen frequency into Licence Manager. License Dashboard Users will be registered to the portal and training and handovers will be provided to show you how to manage named users and connectors within the solution.

OVERVIEW: This course is designed to provide attendees with the in-depth knowledge required to use License Dashboard License Manager.

  • 2-day instructor-led, classroom training
  • 50% lecture, 50% hands-on lab

COURSE OBJECTIVES:  At the end of the course, you will understand the functionality of License Manager and be able to:

  • Understand the basic characteristics of software licenses
  • Administrate Users & Dictionaries
  • Maintain and update the License & Contract Records
  • Aggregate your license entitlement using the License Register
  • import Software usage and allocate associated entitlement
  • Manage your software compliance status
  • Report all License entitlement and compliance
  • Understand the utilities Export options
  • Compare Audit Runs
  • Utilise the Reports to assist in the cleansing process
  • Understand and maintain Product Elements
  • Create and maintain Audit Runs
  • Update recognition by using Match Products
  • Understand the Matching function

TARGET AUDIENCE: This course is targeted to end users of License Manager. It does not cover the technical elements of installation or configuration.


By selecting License Dashboard for these services, you can be confident of receiving best in class SAM resources to deliver a best practice solution that meets your objectives throughout the software asset’s life cycle.

You will benefit from:

  • Access to industry leading licensing expertise to underpin the technology and business strategy
  • Delivery of quantifiable cost savings and cost avoidance
  • License reconciliation to identify and mitigate immediate and sustained compliance risks
  • Optimised license renewals
  • Identifying underutilised assets for removal and re-harvest
  • Improved SAM Governance
  • Licensing Optimisation

License Dashboard is confident that License Dashboard has the capability, credentials, correct commercial approach and right cultural fit to differentiate ourselves as the partner of choice. 

Service and Support

A free 30 day single user evaluation copy of License Dashboard License Manager is available from here.

Supplier Web Address

Method of delivery of product
The master copies of media and Licensed Materials will be delivered to the Licensed Site by License Dashboard Limited. Some materials may be supplied electronically. Delivery can be expected in 5 working days from receipt of licence paperwork.

User Documentation/Online Instructions
Full documentation is provided within the download for the application.

Support Services 
A “Silver” level of support will be provided to each Licensee, consisting of:

  • Technical Product Support
  • Product Updates (see 4 below)
  • Dictionary Updates
  • Forum Access
  • End User Support (does not include end user training - training must be purchased separately)

License Dashboard will provide telephone advice and support to the nominated Technical Contact and/or his/her Deputy at Licensed Institutions during normal business hours. License Dashboard support can be contacted at:

Full details of support services can be found on the Supplier’s website at: http://www.licensedashboard.com/forums/

Updates and New Versions
The Licensee is entitled to all updates and new versions that are made generally available to customers.

Updates are: full releases, patches and service packs.  There is no defined release cycle and all new releases will be published on the supplier’s forum website at http://www.licensedashboard.com/forums/

Platform Requirements
Full details of supported platforms can be found on the Supplier’s website at: http://www.licensedashboard.com/forums/

Training Materials
Training Materials are those provided within the user documentation (see 2 above).  https://www.licensedashboard.com/license-management-support/11.3/ contains user guides and training material based on current and previous versions for users to refer to, these can all be downloaded to PDF or viewed online.  The 'getting started' guide to License Manager is a very good overview document showing screenshots and steps to carry out tasks.

License Dashboard Training Academy
Also on training, License Dashboard have recently released their brand-new training academy, which is free to all your License Dashboard customers. This on-demand training offers users modules for each workspace within License Manager, recorded by License Dashboard experts.  The License Dashboard Training Academy guides users through each workspace with easy to digest, bite sized modules. At the end of each module they will complete a short assessment and once these are all complete, they can gain a Certified License Manager certification.  To sign up, please contact help@chest.ac.uk

LD Academy logo

Useful Resources

  • Click on the below snip to watch the 'Managing IT Assets in Education' webinar from License Dashboard and Phoenix.

Screenshot of License Dashboard webinar

Unfortunately, this agreement expired on the and is unavailable for purchase at this time.

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