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Flexera's software asset management solution allows the optimisation of license consumption, helping reduce software costs, increasing capacity to proactively manage and track software license compliance, reducing software maintenance spend and tracking application usage to reclaim licenses, optimise renewals and reduce denials of service.

Key Facts


  • Unique academic bundle for Software License and SaaS Optimisation
  • Preferential pricing based on institution's FTE
  • Three year Subscription license for a cloud hosted platform
  • Optimise your software licenses across desktops, laptops, and other client devices
  • Total visibility of your SaaS applications so you can reduce costs and eliminate risks

Important dates

Agreement start: 1 October 2020

Agreement end: 30 September 2023

Invoice date: Upon receipt of order, and then in advance of the anniversary date in years two and three.  Invoices will be issued by Flexera.

Commitment Period

Institutions may participate in the Agreement at any time during the agreement period, and are bound by its Terms and Conditions, including payments, for a period of three years from start date.

Licence type

Site Licence.


Contact Chest Help for more information.

Eligible Institutions

Higher and Further Education and Research Councils in the United Kingdom, and Universities and Colleges of Further Education in the Republic of Ireland.

Other organisations aligned with Chest's charitable objectives of supporting education, research bodies and the public sector may ask to participate in the Agreement. Chest will liaise with the Supplier about any such requests.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Licensor: Flexera Software Ltd, registered in England and Wales (company number 6524874), whose registered office is 1 Bell Street, Maidenhead, SL6 1BU 

Product Description

The Agreement offers the Flexera Core Package, comprising:

FlexNet Manager for Clients

Optimise your software licenses across desktops, laptops, and other client devices. FlexNet Manager for Clients automatically applies product use rights acquired through software license agreements from desktop vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft and Symantec. Product use rights can dramatically affect the number of licenses consumed by an organization, and must therefore be considered to minimize costs and ensure license compliance. 

Now you can:

  • Optimize license consumption to reduce software costs.
  • Increase capacity to proactively manage and track software license compliance
  • Reduce risk of unbudgeted true-up expenses
  • Improve vendor negotiations with better visibility and forecasting
  • Reduce software maintenance spend
  • Track application usage to reclaim licenses, optimize renewals and reduce denials of service

This solution provides the industry-first “What If’ analysis capabilities that enable organizations to see the impact of hardware and software changes on their license position before the changes are made. It includes the extensive content of the Application Recognition Library with recognition rules to identify software—including publisher, title, version, and edition—for more than 280,000 software titles from 17,500 publishers across multiple platforms.

FlexNet Manager For Data Centers

Gain control across all your data centers

FlexNet Manager for Data Centers gives visibility and insight for all your assets with our powerful, easy-to-use, role-based Data Analytics Dashboards. Through the deployment of this solution, you can automate complex SAM processes to reduce manual effort and save time. We enable you to

collect an accurate and comprehensive inventory of complex and business-critical data center applications as well as manage and reduce spend on data center applications from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, VMware, and others. With FlexNet Manager for Data Centers, you can:

  • Support of IBM® license models (PVU), (UVU), (RVU), Authorized User, Concurrent User and Floating User
  • Support for a wide range of Microsoft license models including server + CAL, processor, and core-based licenses
  • Optimization of Microsoft CALs
  • Automated license reconciliation for Oracle® Database, E-Business Suite, WebLogic, and other products

Flexera SaaS Manager

Complete visibility and control over SaaS usage

SaaS is one of the fastest growing areas of cloud computing, predicted to outpace platform and infrastructure services. Gartner predicts a 17.8 percent increase in SaaS technologies and for public cloud revenues to reach $278 billion by the year 2021. Despite this accelerating SaaS adoption, most enterprise IT departments do not know what SaaS apps are running in their environments. SaaS Manager gives you complete visibility of your SaaS applications—regardless of whether they are licensed, approved or authorized—so you can reduce costs and eliminate risk. With SaaS Manager, you can:

  • Identify more than 32,000 SaaS applications within your organization and
  • Monitor license utilization for more than 6,200 of these applications, including unauthorized SaaS purchases
  • Get detailed usage and cost data by internal user segment
  • Allocate SaaS investments by department for financial reporting
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations
  • Protect against unauthorized access to proprietary data
  • Reduce manual administrative and contract management tasks
  • Manage automatic subscription renewals and SaaS subscription lifecycles for each vendor  


Flexera strive to create a customer-centric culture; one in which they are actively listening to you to determine what you find most important, and specific ways to improve their products and services to serve you better.  We conduct regular customer surveys and also periodically offer beta versions of our products prior to their official release.

Flexera's Account Management process is focused on partnering with their customers to drive towards business objectives and keep score to ensure value is measured. They develop a metrics and communication approach that aligns to your specific set of business goals to help you track the progress your program makes and show the value that your SAM program delivers to your business. They partner with their customers to continuously identify new areas of savings for enterprise stakeholders as project goals are met. Their intent is to also ensure that the institution’s Executive Sponsor has access to Flexera’s leadership to ensure alignment at the highest levels to ensure success. Customer input is valued and sought after as a key component. 

Flexera's support organization is staffed entirely with Flexera employees. Flexera offer a silver level of support to Chest customers. Silver support, which is what Flexera generally recommends, provides telephone support from 8 AM to 6 PM during office hours of the support center closest to the customer location. Their maintenance plans allow customers to interact with Technical Support Engineers via phone as well as submit, update, and check the real-time status of open support incidents using their Web-based support portal. Their technical support is delivered in English. Flexera Technical Support offers advice, information, and troubleshooting assistance on issues arising from the direct use of our products. They work closely with customers to determine the root cause of issues and provide recommendations for resolving them. In addition, Flexera provides a Customer Community website 

Subscription license fees include support for the subscription term. See details at:  https://community.flexera.com/t5/Flexera-Cloud/ct-p/Cloud-support

Customers are made aware in advance of an upgrade / patch release and can plan the best time to apply those updates. Their Cloud clients are always on the latest release, and Flexera applies all updates as part of the Cloud service. Upgrades are communicated via various methods including email to current customers as well as posting to the online Customer Community and on theiir Product and Licensing website. Release notes and other documentation related to the latest version of their solutions can be found on the Community site. They maintain a status page showing the current status of all Cloud services at http://status.flexera.com/. Their solution provides a service level agreement of 99.5 percent. Please see https://www.flexera.com/legal.html


Flexera realizes that there are different training needs throughout the life of your project and that institutions will have different audiences needing different levels of education. Flexera offers a wide variety of training courses to help institutions get the most out of their investment for both operator (user) and administrator (developer) tracks. The foundation of the software license management training is instructor-led classes that provide world-class, instructor-led training complete with hands-on labs. Flexera provides instructors with practical, first-hand experience as well as flexible course content and schedules to meet your needs. All of the documentation and training materials are available for download from our website, free of charge, with no limitation of use.

Flexera provides a Customer Community website. This community provides access to all levels of product knowledge including documentation, best practice guides, product downloads, free online training via the Learning Center, Knowledge Base articles for specific technical topics as well as access to support and community forums where you can join conversations on related product topics and questions. Within the Customer Learning Center, Flexera provides Best Practice Guides. The Software License Optimization (SLO) Best Practice Guide outlines SLO best practices for completing a license position for any vendor. As a supplement to this guide, Flexera offer specialty guides for key vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP which offer additional vendor-specific context.

Useful Resources

Preparing for 2021

Click on the below to check out the whitepaper from Flexera that looks at the impact of COVID-19, Brexit and more in a changing, challenging world. 

Image of front page of Flexera White Paper report 
If the link isn't working you can also click here.


Flexera Chest Agreement - Introductory Webinar

This webinar from Flexera looked at how institutions can optimise their software licenses across desktops, laptops, and other client devices, and how they can gain visibility of their SaaS applications so they can reduce costs and eliminate risks.  

If you'd like to catch up with the webinar run on the 14 January, please click on the below image.

Webinar front screen image


Flexera Customer Community

Flexera's training offerings are further supported by their Customer Community website where all of their documentation and training materials are available for download from our website, free of charge with no limitation of use. Flexera provides a Customer Community website for all active customers. This community provides access to all levels of product knowledge including documentation, best practice guides, product downloads, free online training via the Learning Center, Knowledge Base articles for specific technical topics as well as access to support and community forums where you can join conversations on related product topics and questions. The Customer Community is also where Flexera post calendars of live events for customers such as instructor led classes and free webinars and live sessions that target topics such as “What’s new in this release”, or common questions regarding new features. Flexera also supports User Groups where you can join other customers for common discussions and shared experiences.


Resources - https://www.flexera.com/resources.html

Service and Support


Contact Chest Help for more information.

Product Documentation

Training and Training Materials

Our customer community offers direct access to support tickets, knowledge base, customer forums and the training environment, Learning Centre (included free of charge for all of our customers):

Technical Support

Flexera customers can reach our support by phone, email or the ticket centre within our customer community:

System releases, new versions and functionality

Details of system releases and/or new versions and/or new supporting documentation will be released to Licensed Sites as and when they become commercially available.

FTE Numbers

Please click here to see the latest FTE statistics by HE Institution, as provided by HESA.  Latest figures currently available are from 2018/19.  Please note the table is in the same order as the HESA stats, so predominantly A-Z based on name of town or city.

Other institutions can obtain their FTE figures by contacting Chest Help, or can provide their own FTE figure.

For the purposes of this Agreement, the FTE figure is the combined total of your student FTE and staff FTE.

Terms and Conditions

The Chest Order, together with the Licence Terms and Conditions, and any exceptions listed below, create a legally binding contract between your institution, organisation or company and the Licensor. Therefore please read the terms and conditions carefully and only submit a Chest Order if its terms and conditions are acceptable to your institution, organisation or company and you have the authority to make the financial commitment shown.

Licence Type

The Flexera Agreement is not a Standard Chest Agreement. Please be sure to read Flexera's Clickthrough Purchase Agreement  and the relevant product specific terms and conditions carefully before purchasing Flexera software under this agreement.

Payment Terms

Flexera will invoice Licensed Institutions for the initial fee on receipt of a completed order.  Sites will then be invoiced annually in advance of the anniversary of their licence start date for years two and three of their licence. 

All Purchase orders must be made out to Flexera Software Limited, Malvern House, 14-18 Bell Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1BR

All terms contained in a PO are expressly rejected and do not form part of the Licence or vary the Licence terms in any way.

Payments are due within thirty days of invoice date; recipients of late payments are entitled to interest in accordance with UK statutory provisions.

Termination Clauses

At the end of a Licence period sites will be required to delete the software from their systems.

It is the intention of Chest and Flexera to renew this three year Agreement. If the Agreement is renewed or extended then new conditions may apply. If the Agreement is not renewed then any extension is a matter between institutions and Flexera.

Location and Use Permissions

The product(s) may be used by any Authorised User of the Licensee for Educational Purposes which includes the administration and management of the licensee’s educational and research operations. These permissions are described in the terms and conditions for the Standard Chest Licence for Software.

Personal Licences


Products and Pricing

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