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Adobe Master CLP for HE and FE 2021

Available to purchase until

The Adobe CLP Agreement (Cumulative Licensing Program) is a two year agreement for Higher Education establishments, Further Education Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges, 16 – 19 Academies and Research Councils in the UK, offering perpetual licences for Adobe’s most popular products.

Key Facts


  • Perpetual licences for a range of Adobe's software including Acrobat Pro, Captivate, ColdFusion and Lightroom
  • All sites will enjoy the Tier 3 top level of discount regardless of their individual spend
  • No minimum purchase to join
  • You can join at any time regardless of your current agreement
  • The resellers for this agreement, are all contracted on the relevant lot of the National HE/FE Framework Agreement for Software Licence Resellers (SLRA)

Licence Type

Volume licence with non standard terms and conditions

Key dates

Agreement start date: 6 May 2021

Agreement end date: 5 May 2023

Agreement Details

A standard Academic CLP Agreement requires sites to purchase at least 5,000 'points' of products to join and 100,000 points to achieve the highest level of discount – Tier 3. The Adobe Master CLP Agreement requires no minimum purchase to join and all sites will enjoy the Tier 3, top level of discount regardless of their individual spend.

The Adobe Master CLP Agreement runs until 5 May 2023 and sites may join at any time – you do not have to wait for your existing CLP Agreement to end.

Licence pricing will depend on your choice of reseller and the product(s) you wish to order.

The Chest Fee to join this agreement is £0 but you will still need to place an order through these pages. 

There is a choice of resellers that the Adobe licences may be purchased through, they are all on the National Framework for Software Resellers Framework. There is no requirement to use the same reseller for all your Adobe purchases but this scheme is only available from the resellers listed - please see the 'Reseller' tab.


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How to join this agreement


If you wish to participate in this agreement, please click on the 'Order Now' button and complete the order process.  Please ensure you have read all the Terms and Conditions before doing so.

On receipt of your order Chest will e-mail you details of how to enrol as an Affiliate to this agreement on Adobe’s website.

Terms and Conditions

Participation period: the Institution may elect to join the Agreement as an Affiliate Member at any point during the two year period 6 May 2021 to 5 May 2023 (the termination date of the Agreement). At whatever point the Institution joins the Agreement the Institution shall be committed to remain as an Affiliate Member until the termination of the Agreement.

In completing an order and returning it to Chest the Institution is deemed to be submitting an application to participate as an Affiliate Member in the Chest/Adobe CLP Agreement 2021 (the Agreement) and to have accepted all terms and conditions of it. 

Upon Chest's acceptance of the Institution’s application, Chest will email the named person to confirm that the Institution is admitted to the Agreement, with details of how to order products from Adobe’s website through nominated Resellers. Orders for products should not be sent to Chest. The institution may place orders on any participating Reseller. A list of participating Resellers is available on the Resellers Tab.

Jisc’s liability in relation to the Institution in all matters connected to the Agreement is limited to the return of the Fee (£0) to the Institution. Jisc accepts no liability whatsoever in connection to the products available under the Agreement. Any dispute in connection with the products is a matter to be decided between the Institution and Adobe and/or the supplying nominated Reseller.

Products and Pricing

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