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Website Terms of Use

Organisations and individuals who use the Chest website are deemed to have agreed to comply with these terms of use.

Third party products acquired through our Chest service are not subject to these terms of use but may be subject to similar terms specified by the suppliers. However, these terms do apply to the use of our Chest Agreement service and website.

Chest may update our terms of use. The latest version is always available on our website.

Each user shall at all times:

  • use the Chest website only for the intended purposes
  • ensure that their use of the website is legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • comply with industry and community standards.


Usernames and passwords issued by Chest must be kept confidential, secure and only used according to all relevant instructions. Users must not attempt to change any username.

Any organisation or user who believes that a username or password has become known by any unauthorised person, or is being used in an unauthorised way, must inform Eduserv immediately.

Users shall not attempt to violate or circumvent any security measures put in place by Eduserv or any service provider, nor make any unauthorised attempt to decrypt any protected material.

Third party systems

Users must abide by the policies and terms and conditions stipulated by the operators of those networks and services that are required in order to use Chest’s website.

Any products, services or equipment used in conjunction with Chest's website must be regularly checked for viruses, malware and unauthorised access.

Chest's website must not be used in any manner that may adversely affect Chest’s ability to deliver its products and services to any user or customer.

Unacceptable use

Chest's website must not be used in a way that contravenes any licence or any rights of Chest, or of any third party, or contrary to any code of practice, instructions or guidelines issued by regulatory authorities.

Chest’s website must not be used to store, access, transmit, distribute, upload, download or knowingly receive Objectionable material or to carry out Objectionable activities. Objectionable means unlawful, false, misleading, offensive, pornographic, obscene, derogatory, discriminatory, racist, inflammatory, defamatory, malicious, threatening or causing nuisance or anxiety; or likely to expose Eduserv to claims, liability, prosecution or disrepute; or actionable by any third party.

Withdrawal of service

Chest may suspend or bar access to any service, or disable any website, or remove any website content without prior notice if it reasonably suspects there has been any violation of our terms of use, or if we are required so to do by any competent agency or any third party with a legitimate interest.

To determine compliance with these terms of use, Chest may run manual or automatic systems.


Material published on our website, such as blog posts, guides and videos, is not meant to represent professional advice, but to share our views and ideas. It gives an overview of some common issues encountered in our experience – and we may mention things that we think are of current interest that might not necessarily have the most significant business impact.

Contact us

If you have any comments on these terms of use or would like any further information, then please contact us at Chest Help.

Published January 2019 (updated April 2018)

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