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Presenting the Be a More Productive Scholar Webinar Series!

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Some scholars are highly productive. They break new ground and do it again and again. Their names and ideas are ubiquitous in scientific journals and scholarly books. They scoff at publish or perish. To them, it’s publish and flourish. But how are they so productive? This five-part webinar series reveals the hidden curriculum and insider information needed to succeed as an academic scholar. Things your doctoral advisor and senior colleagues never told you or might not even know. The Be a More Productive Scholar series divulges how some scholars are so productive and how you can be too, if you know how.

 The webinar series is led by University of Nebraska professor Kenneth A. Kiewra who has investigated productive scholars extensively and disseminated that information through journal articles, a university-wide course, national presentations, and a forthcoming book published by Oxford University Press. Professor Kiewra is a productive scholar in his own right, listed among the top 2% of most-cited scholars worldwide. He is also a scholar who disseminates his findings, having made more than 500 invited presentations to academic groups.

 Be a More Productive Scholar reveals pathways to scholarly success for emerging scholars at the graduate school or assistant professor trailhead, seasoned scholars well on the way, and those nearing their wisdom years finish.

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Map Out Your Scholarly Path

There is no one clear path to scholarly success. Still, productive scholars share common means for finding their scholarly path including: curiosity, discovering one’s element, accumulating ...

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Beyond Chat GPT: APA PsycInfo and its AI-Powered Research Assistant

Join the APA team for this webinar as they demonstrate how APA PsycInfo leverages AI and machine learning to serve as a personalised research assistant.

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Nurturing student satisfaction through personalised assessment and feedback

Join this webinar to learn how FeedbackFruits can help you implement and scale student-centred assessment and feedback to improve well-being.

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