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PyPOP - An interactive tool for performance assessment


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Phil Tooley is one of NAG’s POP performance experts and the lead author of the PyPOP analysis tool. In this webinar Phil will give an overview of the NAG PyPOP tool and how it can be used to streamline the process of application performance analysis. He will demonstrate the PyPOP analysis workflow, showing how the PyPOP wizard can be used to quickly calculate the POP metrics from captured profiling data and generate a performance report. Phil will also introduce some of the more advanced features such as the OpenMP region explorer and show how PyPOP can be easily extended to perform customised analyses.

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NAG is delighted to be part of POP (Performance Optimisation and Productivity) the EU group helping to improve the performance of software. In brief POP offers to analyse software and recommend improvements with a focus on HPC and parallelisation. This service is free of charge to EU organisations.

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