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Maple - AI Assistant


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Introducing Maple 2024 for Education and Research

Maple 2024 offers a vast collection of improvements for both existing and first-time users, including new AI features, enhancements to command completion, increased support for teaching and learning, and so much more! See what’s new.

See Maple 2024 live: join Maplesoft for a What’s New webinar on Wednesday 17th April.

This webinar will cover some of the improvements in Maple 2024, including:

  • The new AI Formula Assistant, which uses powerful AI technology to help you find the formulas and equations you need and bring them into Maple
  • Advancements in Maple’s mathematical abilities
  • Improvements to the user interface that improve workflow and usability
  • Enhanced tools and resources for teaching and learning
  • and more

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Find out more about flexible site licences for Maple in the Maplesoft Chest Agreement.

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