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Flexera ITAM Webinar


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Join Rich Gibbons from The ITAM Review, Cyndi Tackett & Brian Adler from Flexera on Thursday 27th May at 4pm UK time where they will discuss how IaaS (aka Public Cloud) is an integral element for modern IT Asset Management.

Being involved with IaaS strategy and management within your organisation can help ITAM better align with corporate values and strategic direction whilst also offering an opportunity to raise the profile of ITAM and gain executive buy-in.

In a discussion that combines data from Flexera’s recent ‘State of the Cloud 2021” report, analyst opinion, and feedback from end users, our speakers will discuss topics including:

  • The importance of managing IaaS cloud
  • Cloud spend v business value
  • Using cloud to align to executive focus
  • The success of cloud cost management so far
  • How cloud impacts contract negotiation

This event is brought to you by both The ITAM Review and Flexera. When you register for the event your data will be supplied to both parties for the purposes of delivering the event and following up after. More details about how they use your data can be found in their privacy policy here: https://www.itassetmanagement.net/privacy-policy/

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