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Monitoring Agriculture & Forestry from Satellite and UAV


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Find out how you can licence ENVI, IDL and SARscape for your institution through the ENVI Chest Agreement.

How to Derive Accurate Vegetation Insights to Boost Profitability

Photograph of an ENVI user in the fieldMany agricultural and forestry problems such as determining crop health, insect infestation, and drainage patterns have traditionally been approached by performing extensive field work. Today, increased processing power, improvements in algorithms, and the exponential availability of earth observation data means that many of these challenges can be solved faster and at reduced costs.

Remote sensing is a precise and efficient technology to estimate vegetation characteristics and to monitor agricultural and forestry practices over large geographic areas, particularly when expensive and time-consuming field studies are not feasible.

ENVI is a scientifically proven suite of image analysis software designed for the use of earth observation data including optical, SAR and LiDAR data from satellite, airborne and UAV platforms. It is widely known for its reliable and accurate analytical capabilities - including the use of Deep Learning technologies -, for its customization possibilities using IDL and its interoperability with ESRI`s ArcGIS platform.

Join this live webinar to learn how the ENVI can derive and process vegetation-related information from remotely sensed data in order to create highly flexible solutions for various types of agriculture and forestry applications. There will be Q&A at the end of the webinar to answer your questions. If you can’t attend the live webinar, register anyway and we’ll email you the recording and slides after the webinar.

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