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APA PsycInfo: Beginner Search


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APA PsycInfo webinars are back for the autumn semester. Led by APA training specialists, these free webinars cover the basics of using research databases, how to navigate challenging search scenarios, and provide guidance for optimising search and discovery. Bring your questions and search scenarios for the Q&A portion at the end of each webinar.

Upcoming Events

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| Online

Map Out Your Scholarly Path

There is no one clear path to scholarly success. Still, productive scholars share common means for finding their scholarly path including: curiosity, discovering one’s element, accumulating ...

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| Online

Beyond Chat GPT: APA PsycInfo and its AI-Powered Research Assistant

Join the APA team for this webinar as they demonstrate how APA PsycInfo leverages AI and machine learning to serve as a personalised research assistant.

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| Online

Nurturing student satisfaction through personalised assessment and feedback

Join this webinar to learn how FeedbackFruits can help you implement and scale student-centred assessment and feedback to improve well-being.

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