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Enrich Sharepoint Searching with TagR

We are delighted to be able to add a new product, TagR, to the TermSet Chest Agreement.

TagR is a unique software product that helps organisations enrich their Microsoft SharePoint search and accelerate migrations to Office 365, automatically applying Metadata and Taxonomies to documents stored within SharePoint, with no burden on the users or the IT team. TagR delivers the Google search experience within SharePoint and guarantees SharePoint end user adoption.

Research suggests 80% of information is stored in documents, but only 20% of this information can be found easily and employees waste 30% of their workday searching for this information. Employees are looking for the Google search experience within SharePoint, as this will improve findability and guarantee user adoption; to achieve this you need to apply metadata, however applying metadata is an expensive and time consuming process. TagR addresses this by delivering the Google search experience within SharePoint for your users, guaranteeing SharePoint end user adoption. It uses Artificial Intelligence based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Full details including pricing (70% discount vs commercial rates) will be available on the TermSet Chest Agreement webpages very soon, in the meantime there is a 1 min demo video. TermSet are also offering 15 min web demo meetings – organise yours by emailing stewart@termset.com.

* Sorry, this agreement has expired *

CoreView (formerly TermSet)

This agreement expired on the 31/01/2021

This agreement offers two products from the UK company TermSet, now part of CoreView: CoreScan (formerly ScanR) and CoreTag (TagR). CoreScan is used to discover and report on Personal ...

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