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Compendex - better ways to search and save time

Engineering Village contains a wealth of engineering literature content along with the research and analytic tools to enable engineers to solve the world’s engineering challenges.  Below are a few recent enhancements to the Engineering Village platform which is home to the Compendex database:

  • Session history is available for researchers who get timed out.  Session information which includes search history and selected records will be saved for up to 7 days for users who are Registered and Logged into Engineering Village but get timed out.  If Registered users log back into Compendex anytime within 7 days, they will be able to pick up their research right where they left off.
  • New chart formats were added.  Displaying research results data in a chart format can make information easier to read and quickly understand as well as provide insights that may not have been possible with information in a text-only format.  Users can easily copy and paste the Compendex facet charts and graphs into research reports and presentations.
  • The Engineering School Profile (ESP) is a new feature within Compendex and is only available on the Engineering Village platform.  The Engineering School Profile enables researchers to track university engineering research output and trends.  ESP contains a series of 6 charts listing a school’s top engineering authors, research topics and subject areas, funding sponsorships, publication output over the past 10 years as well as the top publications where the university engineering authors publish.  Engineering Deans, Department Chairs, Librarians and Students can quickly view and analyze their institution’s research landscape.
  •  …And there’s More!  Compendex on Engineering Village has improved access to controlled vocabulary via its Suggested Terms feature on the results page and will continue to implement innovative research tools in 2019.

Compendex and EI Backfiles

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Subscriptions to Compendex one of the most comprehensive engineering literature databases and the purchase of the Engineering Index Backfile, a comprehensive, historical view of engineering ...

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