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QSR's new all-in-one referencing and note-taking application Citavi


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In this webinar QSR will review the current trends in qualitative research publications and demonstrate how using Citavi and NVivo together can help you publish faster.

Together Citavi and NVivo can assist you with your writing process to speed up your publishing in the following ways:

  • Analyze your literature review to find your key themes
  • Organize your writing ┬áby planning tasks, outlining and taking notes
  • Write up your research in a more efficient way
  • Publish your paper with formatted citations and visualizations

Click on 'Register Here' to register for this free webinar now at the most convenient time for you. A recording of the webinar will be sent to registrants who are opted-in.

Citavi will be available through Chest in the very near future, please get in touch if you want more information in the meantime.

Please note, this is the same webinar as ran on 7 April, QSR are offering two different dates for convenience.

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