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Building resilience into teaching and research


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The new Esri Chest Agreement covering 2020 to 2023 will be along very soon.  The current agreement can be found here.

Recent disruptions mean we all need to be able to provide access to learning materials and software to student that are unable to be on campus. Esri UK’s new Education Site Licence allows universities to deliver continuity in their teaching, learning and research for all staff and students to minimise the disruption caused by COVID19. This webinar will outline how licences and learning material can be deployed to allow students and researchers to access software and services from any computer in any location.

Webinar Overview:

  • Simple, Easy, Accessible GIS for any student- Cloud-first GIS
  • Managing licences without VPN - Cloud based licences
  • Connecting students with low-spec laptops or Macs - Virtualising ArcGIS in the Azure Cloud
  • Connect students to ArcGIS anywhere, anytime

Who should attend:

  • IT Licence Managers
  • Faculty Teaching Staff

 If you know someone else in your institution who may benefit from attending, please feel free to invite them along


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