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APA Databases Training for Jisc/Chest members


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Led by an APA training specialist, these webinars will teach effective tips to navigate APA’s vital resources for addressing society’s most pressing issues. Each webinar will provide an overview of APA's databases developed to support researcher and student success, particularly APA PsycInfo, APA PsycArticles, and APA PsycTherapy. A live search demonstration will cover how to build a search; refine and save results; use APA’s Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms®; and find psychotherapy demonstration videos. Be sure to bring your questions or search scenarios, as they will allow time for Q&A.

APA are offering monthly webinars between February and May. Please register for the session best suited to your schedule. All registrants will receive a link to the recorded session.

APA welcomes librarians, researchers, educators, and students. Please share the registration link with your community.

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