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Academic Applications Forum

71 Clarendon Road, University of Leeds, Fairbairn Site, 71-75 Clarendon Road, IT Meeting Room 7 - G.04 IT Fairbairn Suite, Leeds, LS2 9PH

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When is it?

Starts at

Finishes at

Venue: University of Leeds

Room: IT Meeting Room 7 - G.04, IT Fairbairn Site, 71-75 Clarendon Road, Leeds LS2 9PH

Parking: If you would like a parking place please contact Anna Clough who will endeavour to get a parking pass for you.

Travel Information: available here.
(Anna suggests, that as the meeting room is slightly off campus, it might quicker for people to navigate using the postcode and their phone’s app and follow that route instead especially if you are coming from the station.)

10.30 - Refreshments

11.00 – 12.30 - Presentation by Smart Tech

  • Introductions
  • Technical Overview of the SMART solution: 
    • An interactive session in which SMART reviews the key features and benefits of their latest solutions. All are welcome to have a play!
  • SMART Learning Suite Road Map 
    • A look at how SMART Learning Suite will support modes of teaching in HE, both now and in the future
  • Review of SMARTs Licensing models and discussion of future improvements: 30 Minutes 
    • A look at what pricing options for SMART Learning Suite there are today and a whole room discussion of what improvements can be made, with the aim of implementing any changes agreed going forward.

12:30 – 13:30 - Lunch

13:30 – 16.30 (approx) - AAF Meeting


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting
  3. Actions arising from the minutes not covered by the agenda
  4. Date and place of next and next‐but‐one meeting
  5. Topic for presentation at next meeting
  6. Eduserv Chest Agreement Update – Chest Report
  7. Report from UCISA Software Procurement Subgroup
  8. Microsoft licensing
  9. Devices (management and application delivery)
  10. Applications Software
    1. Bibliographic Software, publishing and authoring
    2. Office Applications (including Groupware)
    3. Graphics, Visualisation and Multi‐media
    4. Mathematics, Statistics, Scientific and Engineering Applications
    5. Programming Languages and Applications Development Tools
    6. Assistive Software
    7. Virtualisation
    8. Web browsers
    9. Server and back-­‐end software (including Software Asset Management)
    10. Other Software (including software associated with data sets)
  11. Any Other Business

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