Transforming Online STEM Education...

07 September 2017 One Moorgate Place, London Add to your calendar.

... a Maple T.A. and Möbius User Summit

Maplesoft's international Maple T.A. and Möbius User Summit comes to London! 7-8 September

This year's Maple T.A. and Möbius User Summit will be held in five different locations around the world, including London. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about new solutions for online education while networking with fellow educators!

Technology is constantly changing the educational landscape, from what we teach to how we teach it. As more and more learning happens online, schools must find ways to provide online education options if they want to stay relevant and competitive. However, online learning presents significant challenges for students, instructors, and institutions, especially in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

This conference will examine some of the ways in which technology can be used to provide an effective and engaging online STEM learning experience that will benefit both students and educators.

  • Hear from long term users who have used Maplesoft technology to transform their teaching experiences.
  • Learn about new technology developments at Maplesoft and how they can provide exceptional user experiences that have the power to 'surprise and delight'.
  • Network with other educators and Maplesoft users from around the world.

Not a user? Not a problem!

By attending this conference, you will learn from the experiences of educators like you, about trends in education, and how Maplesoft tools can help.

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One Moorgate Place