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About the new Chest Website

We've launched the new site this week with the main aim of delivering a much improved user experience.

The website remains the place for finding the details of Chest Agreements; the basics will be familiar to most people – there should be no big surprises. But, for the first time, ever, Chest customers will be able to order their licences online.

To achieve this we have built an integrated solution for the Chest business. In a nutshell;

  • we’ve introduced online ordering replacing the need for customers to print, scan and email order forms (although you can still do it this way if you prefer),

  • we’re capturing the licence information customers provide, so it will be easier to maintain and re-use next time you order, and means that the Chest Team do not have to re-key it,

  • we’re providing customers with a secure self-service portal where you can view and manage your Chest transactions, and contact information,

  • search is improved, both whole site and agreement specific, which means that everyone should be able to find exactly what they need more quickly,

  • we’ve replaced the old wish lists for a private suggestion box  area where customers can vote with a simple click of a button for potential new Chest Agreements,

  • and, importantly, we’ve replaced our ageing, creaking solution with the latest cloud technology to provide better security, efficiency, and reliability.


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