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New License Dashboard Chest Agreement, new License Dashboard.

The new License Dashboard Chest Agreement is now in place, lasting until the end of 2021. Both the Agreement and the product have changed significantly, making this essentially a brand new Agreement.  Think you know License Dashboard?  Think again...

License Dashboard combines unrivalled SAM and licensing expertise with professionally-developed solutions designed to help both large and fast-growing organisations manage their IT expenditure, minimise costs, optimise utilisation and streamline the entire asset lifecycle.

From point-in-time Effective Licensing Position (ELP) programs, through to ongoing license compliance and IT Asset Management initiatives, License Dashboard’s advanced portfolio of solutions and professional services will help you establish, understand, optimise and manage your software licenses.

SAM is important, you know that, but there’s a perception that implementing the right SAM solution can be complicated and sometimes that leaves it slipping down the senior manager’s agenda. It doesn’t have to be that way…

Watch the video on Software Asset Management with License Dashboard here.

Find out what makes License Dashboard unique here.

License Dashboard

Available to purchase until

License Dashboard provides innovative and adaptive solutions that track and manage changing licensing programs to enable organisations to reduce spend on software licenses, save IT professionals ...

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