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MindGenius 2019 Chest Agreement now available

MindGenius 2019 offers many significant new features, including:

  • Greater integration with MindGenius’ online solution, Barvas which is now rebranded as MindGenius Online and to be included in the Agreement at no extra cost.
  • MindGenius Online brings the ability of team collaboration to MindGenius. Begin your planning journey in MindGenius 2019 then upload your project to MindGenius Online where you can add all your team members to the one map! Assign tasks to individuals, add subtasks, communicate with the team in the map and task board. MindGenius Online provides the solution of project teams working across multiple locations with in-app messaging.
  • You can now email your map to a colleague, share to Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.
  • Sharing project information with non-MindGenius users has been made easier with an update to the export to HTML function. When you share not only will the Mind Map have a new and improved look, you will have more control over what is shown by either displaying in Gantt or Map view. 
  • Need inspiration, or have you created a Mind Map that you think others will benefit from? MindGenius have made sharing your great work simpler, by clicking "To MindGenius" you can send them your map and they will add it to our templates library for others to use. Or integrate into your social media channels.
  • Looking for a tool that can hold all of your project information but not get overcrowded with information? You will now be able to temporarily Hide Task Cards from individual maps to get a clear view of your project.
  • If it's personalisation you are looking for, then 2019 won't disappoint. Give your Mind Map a new look with one, or all, of the 7 new font templates to pick from.
  • Once you have your project outline, it's time to get to work to achieve your goals. Email tasks to your colleagues from your map with the integration of Outlook.  
  • MindGenius have been working hard to improve the integration between our desktop and online products and with the launch of MindGenius 2019, you will now be able to share maps from MindGenius 2019 to Online at the click of a button.
  • MindGenius Online enables you to work on your projects from any device while working together with your team in real time.

Learn more through this range of short videos: 

Find further details of the new MindGenius 2019 Chest Agreement via the below link.  


Available to purchase until

MindGenius is a mind mapping application that allows users to capture and visualise ideas and information. Utilising visually connected information and knowledge makes it easier to take correct ...

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