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Latest NAG Fortran Compiler Available for Apple Intel Mac

Widely reputed as the world’s best checking Compiler, the NAG Fortran Compiler has recently been upgraded with many new features. The Compiler, Release 7.0, has been implemented for Apple Intel Mac. Download this Compiler here.

New features:

  • Parallel execution of coarray programs on shared-memory machines
  • Half precision floating-point conforming to the IEEE arithmetic standard, including full support for all exceptions and rounding modes
  • Submodules, a Fortran 2008 feature for breaking large modules into separately-compilable files
  • Teams, a Fortran 2018 coarray feature for structuring parallel execution
  • Events, a Fortran 2018 coarray feature for lightweight single-sided synchronisation
  • Atomic operations, a Fortran 2018 coarray feature for updating atomic variables without synchronisation

Click here to learn more about the new release.

In a recent benchmark study, the NAG Fortran Compiler recently came out top with a score of 96% against Intel, Cray, gfortran and Oracle compilers. The results are featured in a recent issue of Fortran Forum.

Click here for your Free trial .

This version is already available for Linux users – watch this space for the new release soon to be available for Windows users.


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