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IGI Global – OA APC waiver

The OA APC waiver fund is equal to each institutions monetary investment into any one or a combination of multiple InfoSci®-Database (collections). Both subscription and perpetual purchases qualify for OA APC waiver funds and the waivers are valid for one-year from the purchase/access set-up. The eligible InfoSci®-Database include:

  • InfoSci®-Books
  • InfoSci®-Book Disciplines (All four collections)
  • InfoSci®-Subject Databases (All 11 collections
  • InfoSci®-Journals
  • InfoSci®-Journal Disciplines (All six collections
  • InfoSci®-Cases
  • InfoSci®-Videos

The OA waiver program provides an offset of 100% for APC’s. If an individual’s research is accepted into anyone of IGI Global‘s 185 journals, they will be provided with the option to utilize the APC waiver from the institutions fund.

IGI Global’s APC is US$ 1,500 If an institution’s spend is $15,000 then they have 10 free of charge APC’s to use in the year of purchase / subscription

To view the current agreements from IGI please visit:

2020 title list will be available shortly.

* Sorry, this agreement has expired *

IGI Global Journals

This agreement expired on the 31/12/2020

175 scholarly reference journals covering information science and technology are included in the Collection (plus a further 6 which are no longer published).

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