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APA’s premier video database for clinical and counseling psychology

PsycTHERAPY® is a collection of streaming psychotherapy demonstration videos for practitioners and clinicians-in-training to learn the latest therapeutic techniques.

Grant your institution access to:

Unscripted, candid demonstrations featuring over 146 renowned therapists

Over 500 streaming videos for teaching and learning

More than 100 different therapy approaches including: emotion-focused therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and more

PsycTHERAPY was endorsed by American Library Association’s Choice Reviews:

“The ability to observe well-known experienced professionals in-session with clients, while simultaneously analyzing body language, tone of voice, and dialog (audio or via transcript) between therapist and client is invaluable to those in training…” - Leanne M. VandeCreek, Northern Illinois University, Choice Reviews, 56 (4)

For more information about PsycTHERAPY visit APA's website

To add this library of videos to your digital collection please visit the APA PsycTHERAPY Chest Agreement.

* Sorry, this agreement has expired *

APA PsycTherapy 2017

This agreement expired on the 31/07/2020

Observe the practice of psychotherapy in action. PsycTHERAPY is a database containing more than 500 streaming videos of therapy demonstrations showing clinicians working with individuals, ...

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