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MarketLine 2016 to 2019

Unfortunately, this agreement expired on the and is unavailable for purchase at this time.

MarketLine is an interactive platform giving users anytime access to a unique mix of company, industry, financial and country data, for every major marketplace in the world. It provides First stop data and insights for Industries, Companies, and Countries & Cities globally

Key Facts

This agreement is for institutions that are renewing their subscriptions from 1 August 2016.


  • Significant savings against direct purchase
  • Loyalty pricing for long term customers

Important dates

Agreement start: 1 August 2016

Agreement end: 31 July 2019

Invoice date: 1 May

Commitment Period

This Agreement is of 3 years duration. Subscribers will be committed to the end of the Agreement Period unless they provide written notice on or before 1 May 2017 or 1 May 2018 that they wish to opt out of the agreement.

Licence type

Site licence.


No trials are currently available as the agreement is only open to existing customers.

Eligible Institutions

This Agreement is currently only available to currently licensed sites looking to renew their subscription.

Background Information

This is the fifth Chest Agreement between Eduserv and MarketLine (previously Datamonitor/Research for Libraries). Consultation with and support from librarians within the academic community was integral to forming this Chest Agreement.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Licensor: Progressive Digital Media Ltd, registered in England and Wales (company number 1813905), whose registered office is John Carpenter House, John Carpenter Street, London EC4Y 0AN

Product Description

MarketLine Advantage is a holistic business information resource which meets a multitude of research needs across your organisation.  Whether you sit within Advertising, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Business Development, or Research, MarketLine delivers the data you need for strategic planning, competitive analysis, or forecasting in an instant.

The user friendly MarketLine Advantage platform is structured around three key pillars – Industries, Companies, and Geographies.  Whether you want to zoom in and learn more about a specific company, or step back to look at an industry and its geographic context, MarketLine can help. We cover business information from the ground up, so you can connect the dots and make better business decisions.

Company Information

Company Profiles provide company and competitor information, commentary and analysis, substantiated by facts and market trends for the top 100,000 global companies across all vertical industries.  SWOT Analysis is now available for the top 12,000 companies.

Company Case Studies provide an in-depth analysis of successful and unsuccessful company strategies.

Company Prospector enables you to screen companies and build lists of potential business partners, clients, and investment targets in industries and countries of interest.

Identify advisory & investment firms operating in specific industries, and gain insight into the investment and inorganic strategy of companies, with MarketLine’s Investment & Advisory Prospector.

Company Report Generator can be used to build fresh custom company reports featuring analytical text and charts which draw on MarketLine's company datasets. Example sections include company overview, history, SWOT analysis, M&A, partnerships and agreements, news and product information.

This information can be used to:

  • Track competitors business strategy and prospects
  • Benchmark Company performance
  • Identify business leads and channels
  • Support sales activities by understanding customers’ businesses better
  • Evaluate prospective partners and suppliers
  • Develop sales pitches, presentations and studies
  • Assess competitor strategies to ascertain what has worked, and why
  • Understand the rationale behind significant company developments and innovations


Industry Information

Industry Profiles give a clear picture of the key dynamics in each sector, including the leading companies operating within each sector, new entrants, the key suppliers and levels of competitor rivalry. Concise and accurate, Industry reports include practical application of Porter’s Five Forces analysis. 

Industry Case Studies provide in-depth analysis of wider ranging issues affecting the subject industry.

Theme Reports are a new report series looking into topics or megatrends impacting multiple industries, sectors, and countries.

Use MarketLine Industry content to:

  • Save time carrying out research by identifying the size, growth, major segments, and leading players in global industries
  • Use the Five Forces analysis to determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of each industry
  • Add weight to presentations and pitches by understanding the future growth prospects of each subject industry with five year forecasts
  • Identify key datapoints and trends using interactive charts and tables
  • Compare industry data across sectors and geographies
  • Easy download and extraction/manipulation of raw data for use in own reports
  • Quickly and easily identify the key stages and sub-stages of each global industry value chain
  • Analyse the activities undertaken at each stage of the value chain
  • See examples of companies active at each stage
  • Examine trends and burning issues impacting the each sector of the value chain
  • Identify instances of vertical integration
  • Pinpoint high growth markets or potential future market hotspots
  • Understand the rationale behind significant industry developments and innovations


Country and City Information

Country Profiles provide an in-depth analysis of the world’s top 110 economies.  Analysis is presented in terms of the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (PEST/PESTLE) structure of the subject country. 

MarketLine’s Country Statistics database enables users to conduct quick and easy comparative analysis of macroeconomic and industry drivers for over 200 countries. Features include comprehensive data and forecasts including detailed coverage of consumer demographics, incomes, and expenditures. Country Statistics is ideal for professionals requiring a comprehensive view of the global economy or at a much higher level, a comparative analysis view of countries or indicators.

City Profiles include a comprehensive overview of the subject city, political, economic, social, technological (PEST) analysis, along with analysis of key industries including technology, tourism and hospitality, construction and retail. 

City Statistics features comprehensive data and forecasts of key socio and macroeconomic indicators for more than 3000 cities, spread across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, North America, and South &Central America  Coverage is complemented by financial market indicators used in support of macroeconomic analysis, including commodity prices and indices, interest and exchange rates, and more. 

Country Outlook and Global Risk Reports, based  on MarketLine’s Country Risk Index (MLCRI), assess current trends and risks facing all major global economies. 

Use Country and City content to:

  • Plan business investment or market entry in a particular country
  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of future economic and demographic trends and understand the performance of various sectors within countries and cities
  • Analyse and understand the business environment in countries and cities to align your investment and expansion strategies.
  • Help choose a suitable country or city to invest or expand according to your business structure.
  • Explore new opportunities in the hospitality, tourism, construction, real estate and retail sectors.
  • Get a detailed local view of the global economy and comparative analysis of cities or indicators

News and Financial Deals

MarketLine’s News, Financial Deals, Comment, and Analyst Insights complement the Industry, Company and Geography pillars perfectly.

Over 70,000 MarketLine authored News articles are added to site annually, along with over 200,000 company press releases.  These articles help clients to track the latest developments in the industry, understand key trends and growth opportunities in different regions, and analyse the competitive landscape and shape company strategy.

MarketLine’s Financial Deals database is a record of global information on mergers and acquisitions (M&A); private equity, venture finance, and private placement transactions; IPOs; and partnerships across various industries. Over 56,000 Financial Deals are tracked annually.  The database provides a complete resource for deal information offering the user detailed reports on deals, along with relevant data of the companies and advisors involved in such transactions.

Analyst Insights provide succinct analysis of events and actions across all global industries.

Analyst Comment and Analyst Insights provide opinion from MarketLine Analysts on current business issues and trends.

MarketLine’s News, Financial Deals, and Analyst Comment / Insights can be used to:

  • Monitor competitor activity
  • Identify investment opportunities and anticipate competitive moves
  • Identify actionable business development opportunities
  • Contextualize deals against company strategy and industry trends
  • Track lists of active lenders
  • Monitor market trends related to consolidation
  • Track acquisition activity to identify exit targets
  • Track divestment activity to identify acquisition targets
  • Track investment history of portfolio companies to identify follow-on investment opportunities and understand target/focus markets
  • Track deals to pitch, in order to build bidder, target, and seller lists
  • Track global mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity deals, venture finance deals, private placements, IPOs, and partnership

Access and Identity Management Solution

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IP address range Yes
Username / Password


Technical Function Specification

The supplier confirms that throughout the term of the agreement the products will comply with the standards indicated.

Technical Function



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Federated searching

Z39.50 protocol







RSSor Atom


Metadata standards

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


Personalisation features


Service levels



MarketLine is updated on a daily basis.


All additions and new functionality will be incorporated at no additional charge.

Service and Support


No trials are currently available as the agreement is only open to existing customers.

Login Information

Supplier: http://advantage.marketline.com/

Technical Support

Support will be provided by phone, fax and email by MarketLine via a single contact or his/her deputy at each Licensed Institution. The cost of such support is included in the price of the Product(s). Research for Libraries support can be contacted at:

On-site support does not form part of this Agreement and is not included in the Fee. The provision of any on-site support shall be by arrangement between Licensed Institutions and MarketLine. Any attendant costs shall be a matter for discussion and negotiation between those parties.

Product Documentation

Comprehensive help files are included in the online service.

Copying of hardcopy and electronic documentation is permitted.

Training and Training Materials

Training does not form part of this Agreement and is not included in the price of the Product(s). The provision of any training shall be by arrangement between Licensed Institutions and MarketLine. Any attendant costs shall be a matter for discussion and negotiation between those parties.

MarketLine's support team conduct regular, FOC, training sessions to help you get the most from their service.

Access MarketLine's helpful video tutorial – talking users through MarketLine Advantage site using step-by-step (easy to pause and D.I.Y.) instructions.

Electronic training materials will be provided to Licensed Institutions without charge and can be freely copied.

Useful resources

Download the MarketLine Advantage Brochure to find out more...

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  • Global coverage
  • Industries 4000+
  • 200 Countries and 1950 Cities
  • Companies 500,000+
  • Data and tools
Unfortunately, this agreement expired on the and is unavailable for purchase at this time.

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