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IMF eLibrary

Available to purchase until

Global economic knowledge at your fingertips. The IMF eLibrary offers the entire IMF catalogue and a comprehensive archive of nearly 20,000 publications and one million data series in searchable digitised formats. This impressive depth and breadth of information is accessed in an integrated environment, supported by user-friendly navigation, intuitive search, and personalisation features.

Key Facts


  • Discounted price vs direct access plus low annual price rises
  • Unlimited site licence
  • Browse by country, topic, or publication series.
  • Video tutorials and user guides make it easy to use all the features

Important Dates

Agreement start: 1 March 2018

Agreement end: 31 December 2020

Licence start date: from the date of joining until the end of the Agreement.

Invoice date: 1 October

Licence Type

Site licence.

Commitment Period

This Agreement is of thirty-four months' duration. Institutions may join the agreement at any time during the agreement period. They will then be committed until the end of the Agreement Period.


30 day free trial available. Please contact Chest Help for more information.

Eligible Institutions

Higher and Further Education and Research Councils in the United Kingdom, and Universities and Colleges of Further Education in the Republic of Ireland.

Other organisations aligned with Eduserv’s charitable objectives of supporting education, research bodies and the public sector may ask to participate in the Agreement. Eduserv will liaise with the Supplier about any such requests.

Background Information

This Agreement was negotiated with the IMF following consultation with the academic community.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Licensor: IMF (International Monetary Fund). IMF is an intergovernmental institution having its headquarters at 700 19th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20431, US

Service Provider(s): Wize Nordic (an agent for the IMF)  

Product Description

With an eLibrary subscription, you will have the IMF’s extensive archives of valuable research material at your fingertips. Subscribing is an efficient, convenient, and cost-effective way to access the entire collection of economic studies, books, and data.

There is no more trusted or respected authority than the IMF for vital global economic
information and thought leadership. The IMF eLibrary puts this expertise at your fingertips.

An eLibrary subscription gives you direct access to the full range of IMF content with the functionality to simplify research: 

  • Microsites on key topics and countries with integrated video
  • HTML, ePub, Kindle and PDF formats 
  • Sharing and social media support
  • Annotation tool
  • Statistical databases, including PDFs of all statistical books
  • Extensive search tools to narrow data sets
  • Document navigation to chapters, references, tables, and charts
  • Expandable tables that make it easy to cut/paste (export to Excel coming soon)
  • Citations in multiple formats
  • Customized logo placement on pages for subscribing institutions
  • Personalized accounts for users
  • MARC records in 4 different formats
  • Usage reporting
  • Custom book creation for presentations or course reading
  • Related content suggestions to additional IMF content and external sources.

Access and Identity Management Solution

OpenAthens No
IP Address range Yes
Shibboleth No
Username / Password Yes
EZProxy Yes
Referring URL  No

Technical Function Specification

Technical Function



Supplier Notes

Full text linking



Federated searching

Z39.50 protocol


No, may occur on the Library side






RSS or Atom



Metadata standards

Dublin Core


Being worked on at present





Months embargo period


Digital preservation



The IMF uses an in-house archiving strategy




Usage statistics





JUSP  No  


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


The interface is, some of the content displayed (older content) is not

Personalisation features


Service levels


The supplier confirms that throughout the term of the agreement the products will comply with the standards indicated.


New content is added daily, as available. 


All additions and new functionality will be incorporated at no additional charge.

Service and Support


Free 30 day trials are available – please contact Chest Help 

Login information

IMF eLibrary Login 

Technical Support

Support will be provided via a single contact or his/her deputy at each Institution. Contact details:

Product Documentation,  Training and Training Materials

User guides and video tutorials are located under Help at http://www.elibrary.imf.org/help.

There are FAQs at http://www.elibrary.imf.org/page/11/faqs. Copying and circulating are permitted.

Support information for librarians and administrators is at http://www.elibrary.imf.org/page/Librarians/para-bibliotecarios

The brochure is available electronically at http://www.elibrary.imf.org/fileasset/misc/pdf/elibrary_brochure_english.pdf

Video tutorial available here

Terms and Conditions

The Chest Order, together with the Licence Terms and Conditions, and any exceptions listed below, create a legally binding contract between your institution, organisation or company and the Licensor. Therefore please read the terms and conditions carefully and only submit a Chest Order if its terms and conditions are acceptable to your institution, organisation or company and you have the authority to make the financial commitment shown.

Licence Type

This Site licence is subject to the terms and conditions for the Standard Chest Licence for Online Resources but with amendments as laid out at the bottom of the page.

What are institutions and library services allowed to do?

Keep a local cached copy for Educational Purposes


Incorporation of parts of the Licensed Material


Deposit learning and teaching objects in repositories


Interlibrary loan


Who can use the resource?


On site

Remote access







Walk-in users



Alumni members



What can authorised users do?

The resources can be used for Educational Purposes – defined as:

  • education
  • teaching
  • distance learning
  • private study
  • academic research
  • administration and management of the Licensee’s educational or research operations

Exclusions: [Delete or amend as appropriate]

  • See Licence Term 3 for exclusions and restrictions
  • Downloading of large amounts of material by authorised users that might be considered ‘systematic’

Termination Clauses

The Fee for early termination in accordance with clause 10.4 of the Terms and Conditions for the Standard Chest Licence for Online Resources is nil. Please note that this clause has been amended for this Licence Agreement. The written notice period is now 120 days, and not 60. Therefore, written notice of early termination should be served on or before the 1 November prior to the Licence Term end date of 28 or 29 February. Further, such early termination is allowable only if the Licensee’s library’s online resource purchasing budget has suffered a year-on-year decrease of 10 per cent (10%) or more. Early termination for convenience is not allowed.

The Fee for retention rights upon termination in accordance with clause 10.5 of the Terms and Conditions for the Standard Chest Licence for Online Resources is nil.

The Licensee may retain an electronic copy of the Licensed Material in its archives for reference only. Copies of parts of the Licensed Material already made and/or used by the Licensee or Authorised may be retained and used in accordance with the terms of this Licence Agreement.

Once the Agreement has terminated then no further access to the service and to future publications will be possible unless the Agreement is renewed or extended.

If the Agreement is renewed or extended then new conditions will apply. If the Agreement is not renewed then renewal is a matter between Institutions and the IMF.

Institutions have the right to opt out of the agreement each year in exceptional circumstances only by giving notice on or before 1 November to cancel with effect from 1 March the following year. Further, such early termination is allowable only if the Licensee’s library’s online resource purchasing budget has suffered a year-on-year decrease of 10 per cent (10%) or more. Early termination for convenience is not allowed.

Personal Licences

Personal licences are not available under this Agreement.

Exceptions to the Terms and Conditions

Changes to the Standard Chest Licence for Online Resources:

  • Term 5 (Licensor Responsibilities).
  • Term 5.1(c) is deleted.
  • Term 10 (Term and Terminations).
  • Term 10.3(b) is amended by the deletion of the words “or receives a court order”.
  • Term 10.6 is amended, and now reads: All rights and obligations of the parties under this Licence Agreement automatically cease upon termination except for such rights that accrue prior to termination and any rights or obligations under this Licence Agreement or at applicable law, which expressly or by implication come into or continue in force on or after termination.
  • Term 14.1 is amended by the deletion of the second sentence.
  • Term 17.1 is amended by the deletion of these opening words: “Except for the obligation to make payments properly due”.
  • Term 18.2 is amended, and now reads: This Licence Agreement is governed by English law. The United Nations’ Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply to this Licence Agreement.
  • An additional non-standard Term is introduced. IMF Immunities: Notwithstanding any other provision of this Licence Agreement, it is understood that the International Monetary Fund and its assets, property, income and its operations and transactions are immune from all forms of taxation. It is further understood that the International Monetary Fund, its property and its assets are immune from all forms of judicial process and that neither this Licence Agreement nor the submission of a dispute to arbitration shall constitute a waiver of that immunity. Any disputes arising in connection with this Licence Agreement shall be settled by the mutual agreement of the parties, provided that failing such agreement, the dispute shall be finally settled by arbitration.

Products and Pricing

Currency: All prices are in US Dollars, although institutions may choose to be invoiced in UK pounds. Prices exclude VAT. 

Bands are based on student FTE numbers as per the table below. 

Payment terms are shown at the bottom of page.

Pricing has been reduced for 2019 and 2020 calendar years.

Annual Subscription


Payment Terms

This Agreement is of 34 months duration, commencing 1 March 2018 and terminating 31 December 2020. Institutions may sign to the Agreement at any time during that period.

On receipt of a completed Licence, Institutions will be invoiced for the Agreement year in which the Licence is signed.

For the subsequent years, unless cancellation notice is received by Eduserv, institutions will be invoiced three months in advance of the anniversary date of the Agreement, on 1 October 2018 and 2019.

There is monthly pro-rata charging for Institutions which become licensed partway through a licence year.

Chest is an Enterprise of Jisc. All Purchase orders must be made out to JISC, One Castlepark, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0JA

Payments are due within thirty days of invoice date; recipients of late payments are entitled to interest in accordance with UK statutory provisions.

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