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American Mathematical Society Journals

Available to purchase until

Collection of the backfiles of nine high quality peer-reviewed journals from the American Mathematical Society. AMS peer-reviewed journals are of the highest quality in mathematical research. Their journals have been published since 1891 and cover a broad range of mathematics.

Key Facts


  • Savings against individual subscription. The minimum saving for each institution is 15% many will save considerably more.
  • Annual opt out clause
  • Remote access for retired staff

Important dates

Agreement start date: 1 January 2017
Agreement end date: 31 December 2019

Licence type

Site licence.

Commitment period

Institutions may participate at any time during the period and will be bound until the end of the Agreement unless they give the required notice to opt out on an annual basis.


A free 30-day trial is available to all interested Institutions. Apply to Chest Help with your IP address range.

Eligible Institutions

Higher and Further Education and Research Councils in the United Kingdom, and to Universities and Colleges of Further Education in the Republic of Ireland.

Other organisations aligned with Jisc’s charitable objectives of supporting education, research bodies and the public sector may ask to participate in the Agreement. Chest will liaise with the Supplier about any such requests.

Background Information

This is an optional extra to the MathSciNet database.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Owner: The American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Product Description

Each journal is managed by editors who are prominent in their fields, and each is unique in its offering of articles, book reviews, and reports.

Journal of the AMS dating from 1988 is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in all areas of pure and applied mathematics

Mathematics of Computation is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in computational mathematics. Areas covered with a backfile from 1943 include numerical analysis, computational discrete mathematics, including number theory, algebra and combinatorics, and related fields such as stochastic numerical methods.

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society is devoted to shorter research articles dating from 1950

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society is devoted to research articles dating from 1900 in all areas of pure and applied mathematics./p

Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society is devoted to the publication of research in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. Papers are generally at least 80 and not more than 200 published pages in length. Shorter or longer papers require the approval of the Managing Editor. The backfile dates from 2009 – 2014.

Transactions of the Moscow Mathematical Society - this journal dating from 2004, a translation of Trudy Moskovskogo Matematicheskogo Obshchestva, contains the results of original research in pure mathematics.

Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics - this journal is a cover-to-cover translation into English of the Teoriya Imovirnostei ta Matematichna Statistika, published by Kiev University dating from 2004.

St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal - this journal is a cover-to-cover translation into English of Algebra i Analiz, published six times a year since 2004 by the mathematics section of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Sugaku Expositions contain translations into English of expository articles from the journal Sugaku, published by Iwanami Shoten, publishers for the Mathematical Society of Japan. Published biannually, each issue of Sugaku Expositions contains several expository articles that provide highly informative accounts of a variety of current areas of research.

Access and Identity Management Solution


OpenAthens No
IP Address range Yes
Shibboleth No
Username / Password No
EzyProxy  Yes

Technical Function Specification

Technical Function



Supplier Notes

Full text linking




Federated searching

Z39.50 protocol








RSS or Atom



Metadata standards

Dublin Core





Only for Memoirs of the AMS




Months embargo period




Digital preservation








Usage statistics








Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


AMS Accessibility Statement

Personalisation features




Service levels





The supplier confirms that throughout the term of the agreement the products will comply with the standards indicated.


  • Journal of the AMS – 4 issues per year
  • Mathematics of Computation – 6 issues per year
  • Memoirs of the AMS – 6 volumes per year. Each volume consists of at least 4 issues (sometimes as many as 6)
  • Proceedings of the AMS – 12 issues per year
  • Transactions of the AMS – 12 issues per year
  • Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics – 2 issues per year
  • Transactions of the Moscow Mathematical Society – 1 issue per year
  • St. Petersburg Mathematics Journal – 6 issues per year
  • Sugaku Expositions – 2 issues per year



All additions and new functionality will be incorporated at no additional charge. 

Service and Support


A free 30-day trial is available to all interested Institutions. Apply to Chest Help with your IP address range. al.

Login information

email: msn-support@ams.org 

Technical Support

Support will be provided by AMS via a single contact or his/her deputy at each Institution. AMS support can be contacted at:

  • email: msn-support@ams.org (email link to MSN Support on all pages; email is normally answered within one business day)
  • phone: 00-1-401-455-4000
  • fax: 00-1-401-331-3842

Product Documentation

Documentation is available online.

Training and Training Materials

Further help is available here Information for Librarians

Terms and Conditions

The Chest Order, together with the Licence Terms and Conditions, and any exceptions listed below, create a legally binding contract between your institution, organisation or company and the Licensor. Therefore please read the terms and conditions carefully and only submit a Chest Order if its terms and conditions are acceptable to your institution, organisation or company and you have the authority to make the financial commitment shown.

Licence Type

This Site licence is subject to the terms and conditions for the Standard Chest Licence for Online Resources.

What institutions and library services are allowed to do?

Keep a local cached copy for Educational Purposes 


Incorporation of parts of the Licensed Material


Deposit of learning and teaching objects in repositories  


Interlibrary loan Yes 

Who can use the resource?

The resources are licensed for all Authorised Users, defined as Students, Staff and Walk-in Users.

User On site Remote






Walk-in Users



Alumni members



What can authorised users do?

The resources can be used for Educational Purposes:

  • education
  • teaching
  • distance learning
  • private study
  • academic research
  • administration and management of the Licensee’s educational or research operations


  • The resources may not be used for anything other than Educational Purposes
  • Downloading of large amounts of material by authorised users that might be considered ‘systematic’.

Termination Clauses

Archive Rights – perpetual access is granted to the years subscribed with effect from 2017.

This Agreement is of 3 years duration, commencing 1 January 2017 and terminating 31 December 2019.

Institutions may sign to the Agreement at any time during that period, but having signed will be committed until the end of it unless they terminate by giving notice in writing to Chest Help before 15 September of the prior year.

Personal Licences

Personal licences are not available.

Products and Pricing

Currency: All prices are quoted in US$ but may be billed and paid in GBP. All prices exclude VAT.

This consortium is a pilot scheme and future entrants pricing will be based on the number participating in the consortium and titles already subscribed to.

For a quotation please email Nikki Rowe. Once you have your quote please complete your order. Chest Help will amend your invoice accordingly.

Annual Subscriptions


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