Advice for publishers of online resources

If you are a publisher of online journals, eBooks or databases then a Chest Agreement will offer you a great way to break into the academic market in the UK and Ireland. We have lots of experience and knowledge of the licensing needs in this market and can offer advice on the how to price your product.

First step

We're keen to talk to you - but before contacting us there are some essential questions that you should consider;

  • Are your online resource(s) appropriate for the academic market?
  • Do you already have some academic customers?
  • Can you offer your resource(s) on an unrestricted ‘site’ licence basis either by annual subscription or by outright purchase? Different models do work; contact us to discuss the options.
  • Do you own the resources? If you are an agent for the publisher or an aggregator then contact us.
  • Is the current academic price for your resource(s) more than £2,000? If it is less than this then contact us.
  • Can you offer additional discount on current academic prices? If you’re not sure then contact us.
  • Can you commit to a 3 year term? If not then contact us.

If you answered 'Yes' to most of these questions then you can start the process of negotiating a Chest Agreement.

If you answered 'No' to more than one of these questions then we might still be interested in talking to you about a Chest Agreement, so please contact Nikki Green, our Business Development Manager, who will be happy to discuss any issues.

Start the process

  1. Tell us about your resources using the Product Information Form and we'll get back to you by email
  2. Alternatively, contact Nikki Green for an informal conversation
    email: Nikki Green
    phone: +44 (0)1225 470420
  3. If we think that there is some potential then we will arrange a face-to face meeting and/or a detailed email/telephone conversation
  4. If all is going well we'll invite you to submit a formal detailed proposal for review. At this stage we might consult members of the academic community to gauge the likely level of interest.
  5. Between us we'll fine-tune the details - usually by email and/or phone
  6. Once we've agreed all the terms then we will draft a standard contract and licence and send them to you for approval and signature.

By accepting our standard contract and licence with no changes then this process can take as little as 4 weeks and your products could be selling into this important market without delay.

What's next? Promotion, promotion, promotion!

Once the contract is signed we will actively promote the agreement to all eligible universites and colleges in the UK and Ireland - there are more than 600.

We use lots of different ways to make sure everyone is aware that there is a new Chest Agreement including;

  • a dedicated page on our website
  • announcements in our fortnightly e-newsletters
  • an entry in our annual printed brochure
  • targeted emails to relevant contacts
  • tweets
  • ...and more

Nikki and Jenny Carroll, our Academic Communications Executive, will work with you on an appropriate communications plan for your agreement.

We will continue to promote the agreement during its life and any related matters such as training opportunities, events, webinars, upgrades and so on as required.

Get in touch

0300 121 0878

Contact Nikki Green, Business Development Manager


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I like the way Eduserv standard contract and licence addresses both our and academic needs so I’ve suggested to our legal team that they adopt these elements in our contracts outside of the Eduserv Agreement.

Michael Pacurar

Sales Manager, Euromonitor International