Do you need a Chest Agreement?

If you are supplier of software or a publisher of online resources then a Chest Agreement could help you.

A Chest Agreement will help you to raise your profile, reduce costs and increase sales to universities and colleges in the UK and Ireland.

Eduserv has more than 20 years' experience of working closely with the academic community and understand their needs. Our close ties have given us a well-established network of contacts across the sector.

We work with suppliers to deliver pricing and licence terms and conditions that meet the specific needs of the academic community.

Eduserv will help your business to grow

  • Breaking into the academic market will be quicker.
  • Sales will be simpler and cost you less.

You may have heard of ‘Chest Agreements’ - but what are they?

A Chest Agreement is a contract between a supplier and Eduserv, to licence your product to universities and colleges over a fixed period. It guarantees the licence terms and conditions and pricing. Each institution chooses whether to subscribe to an agreement.

Universities and colleges recognise that Chest Agreements offer value for money and appropriate licence terms and conditions and will choose to participate whenever they can.

Before concluding an agreement we consult the academic community to satisfy ourselves that there is a demand for your products, that they are affordable and that take-up will be reasonable.

Advantages of having a Chest Agreement

  • You will have just one point of contact for licence negotiation rather than separate ones at over 700 universities and colleges in the UK and Ireland.
  • Our legal experts will save you time and money by drawing up the contract and a licence with appropriate terms and conditions that are trusted by the academic community.
  • We promote our agreements in our weekly e-newsletters, which go directly to decision makers at all institutions, on our website and at events that target the academic community.
  • We keep you up to date about new and changing product and licensing requirements with experts in the academic sector, at focus groups and other community meetings.
  • We provide a Licence Helpdesk which helps to reduce your support costs.

Our suppliers

Chest Agreements provide a wide range of products from many leading suppliers.

Read the information for Software Suppliers and for Publishers of online resources and their agents.

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Emerald has worked closely with Eduserv over a number of years. The benefits of our relationship include saving time and money, negotiation efficiencies, marketing, customer insight, and legal and licence expertise. We’ve increased our penetration of this important market significantly and reduced our cost of sale.

Matthew Atkinson

Regional Manager / Vice President - Europe, Emerald Group Publishing Limited